Faltu 18th November 2022 Written Update

Faltu 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Ayaan arrives at Faltu’s house to meet him. She asks why he is everywhere. He says he is really here. She pulls him up. They have a moment. He asks for private conversations. Her family leaves. Ayaan tries to convince her not to marry. She says her dad won’t go to jail, nothing can happen well to him. Whether you need cricket or not, cricket needs you, so you get up and fight, you bury this society thinking inside, and you live your dreams, it’s yours.

No matter how badly she wanted to fight for her victory, she knew pushing her dad behind bars wasn’t the way to go. He had already spoken to the commissioner, and he wanted this win more than anything else. She promised him that she would go from being useless to priceless, and that made him smile. He told her they had to hurry and asked where they should go. He suggested Mumbai which was the city of dreams where she could find everything. Though she was worried about her parents, Ayaan hid in a cupboard when Bapusa called out for her.

I have heard everything, Ayaan ji, come out. Ayaan comes out of the cupboard. She says Bapusa… Bapusa stops her.

All of us talk to Suhana. Suhana says she’s glad she lost weight, and that she’s enjoyed it a lot. She shows the videos. Badimaa says I’ll get Ayaan ready. Suhana says Ayaan didn’t make it. Badepa asks what you mean. She says he told her there was an emergency and went back. Badepa says to find out what’s wrong. They’re worried.

Ayaan says sorry Sir, but don’t misunderstand me, what I’m doing is ethically right, everyone should get equal rights, and Faltu getting married would be too wrong with her. He requests Charan/Bapusa. The man says I will get her admitted to Mumbai’s best cricket academy, I will cover all her expenses, she will be safe, I will do my work, you just give your blessing, and encourage her to pursue her dreams.

Ayaan’s family is discussing his absence. Kanika says this engagement will not take place if he arrives late. Badepa says he will come, but he got stuck at work.

Sumitra says if Ayaan doesn’t come on mahurat then…. Badepa shouts. Kanika agrees, if Sid can handle everything, why sent Ayaan? Badimaa asks why Ayaan didn’t board the flight. Charan blesses Faltu. If you want to play cricket, then go with Ayaan to Mumbai. She nods.

In order to ensure Faltu is a precious child, he asks Ayaan to take her. He says he can see faith in your eyes, so he is giving my daughter to him. Promise me that you will never leave Faltu. It is my promise that I will never leave her after she becomes a famous cricketer. Charan smiles. Faltu says she will not tell mum anything, but she wants to hug her once.

Dadi calls Ayaan. In response, a man says, “I’m the security officer, and I picked up this phone.” Uncle says my nephew will pick it up, and deposit it in the lost and found department. Dadi tells them not to worry, Ayaan is coming soon. Uncle says yes, he will board the next flight.

He scolds Sid and his parents, saying that Ayaan shouldn’t be after any other girl. Badepa shouts Siddharth. Sumitra says he’s right, Ayaan should have been at his engagement. Ayaan is my son, so if he said he’d come here on time, he’d make Tanisha our bahu, Badepa says.

The mother and daughter cry. She says that every mother wants to see her daughter in bridal wear, that she gets a good husband, and that men cannot imagine a girl living free. I just pray for you. Faltu says don’t cry, your dream will come true, I promise, I’ve decided to take care of my life and happiness, just bless me. Her mum blesses her.

She asks are you going somewhere, there is time for vidaai. Faltu replies I will become a stranger after marriage, but I am still yours. They hug. Faltu thinks I’m running away without telling you, but one day I’ll understand. Charan blesses Faltu, saying you’re a diamond, go and live your dreams. Ayaan hugs her and cries as she leaves.

Pappi and his friends are drinking. Ayaan and Faltu come and look on. Pappi asks where is my would-be bride. She gets angry. Ayaan says his friends are still here, so we can depart when they leave.

The precap:

Charan says I made Faltu run away for her happiness. Badepa says if Ayaan breaks my trust, then I will give away my business to Sid.

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