Suhaagan 20th December 2023 Written Episode: Amma’s Anger Unleashed on Payal


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At the beginning of the episode, Bindiya seeks shelter behind a potted plant. Payal approaches with concern and moves closer to the vase. Returning to Krish, she reveals that her husband doesn’t love her. Krish reassures her of his love, and she asks for a kiss before tending to Amma. Krish promises an outpouring of affection once she takes care of Amma. As Payal prepares to enter the house, Bindiya plans to intervene by calling Krishna and mentioning their recent altercation involving Amma.

Krish explains that the incident occurred due to Amma’s influence and urges her to move on. Bindiya, however, confesses that it is hard for her to forget as it was her first experience with such behavior. Payal inquires about the situation between them. Bindiya then reveals Payal’s interest in watching and sharing romantic videos before showing a clip of Krish kissing her. Enraged, Payal confronts Krish about the kiss. Trying to defend himself, Krish asks Bindiya to leave. As she does so, she accidentally stumbles and knocks over a jug near the door before entering the room where Payal and Krish are discussing. Krish justifies his actions by stating that he only kissed Bindiya because Amma had insisted on it.

Sakshi’s costume is the same as Payal’s. When Vikram sees her, he is happy and asks where she got it from. As she uses Hunter, she accidentally hits Vikram, which upsets him. She says she brought it from the storeroom, and the clever Payal made it. Sakshi tells him she thought she would spend a romantic night with him, but he is useless. Payal arrives and forces Amma to drink water.

Amma is still asleep while Payal checks the handbag she brought to go shopping. She noticed a bag that she liked, which cost around 20 K. However, she realizes that she has recently argued with Krish, and after her miscarriage, Indu probably won’t give her anything. So, to get the bag, Payal proposes a plan to ask Krish for money. She explains to him that she needs money for Amma’s exercise tools, and Krish agrees to give her some cash. He even suggests that she buy something for herself, but Payal declines. After watching a video, she tells him how upset she is, and Krish reassures her that no one can come between them. He then gives her a loving kiss, and they hug.

She recalls seeing Kaveri and her husband in the same posture as Payal and Krish. She sleeps again. Payal takes selfies with Krish and kisses him on the cheek. Krish leaves.

Bindiya wakes up in the morning and looks at Amma. She thinks she’s sleeping, so she will bathe and get ready. She goes to the hall and sees Krish sitting. Krish explains that he was sitting here doing something. During the second night, he told me that Amma has been well cared for by Payal and you are no longer needed here.

After hearing Amma on the couch, Payal shouts to Krish. Amma tries to kill her, but sees Kaveri in her. Payal shouts Krish. She ties Payal’s hands and drags her to the hall. She says I will not leave you, and I will kill you. She asks what you are doing in my room, and I will kill you. Bindiya and Baldev try to calm Payal down. Payal cries, and Bindiya tries to soothe her.

Payal hugs Krish. Amma calls Krish Manohar and says Manohar ji, move from there. I won’t let you save her, and I will kill Kaveri. Sakshi tells Indu that Amma is doing naamkaran on everyone, and calling Krish Manohar ji. Bindiya tells Krish to take Payal from there. Vikram says Amma took a dangerous avatar because she was silent. Krish says I didn’t know. Amma says Kaveri won’t be saved.

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