Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update

In the episode, Akshay goes behind Prachi and turns to see Ashok. Ashok comes to Prachi, and Priya collides with Akshay. Akshay apologizes and asks if Priya is okay. Akshay turns and is about to fall, but Prachi holds his hand. Akshay looks at her. Ashok sees them and thinks Prachi is perfect.

It is not always possible for Prachi to handle Akshay. Akshay says his mind is diverting. Prachi asks him to meditate, then his mind will not divert. Then Akshay asks Prachi to tell him about her experience. He then says it’s okay, I’m not free like you, let me work. It seems something happened in her past, and even now she is still suffering. Prachi thinks of when Ranbir left me, and that pain was very big since Ranbir was my peace, happiness, and everything else.

During that time I could have lost myself and couldn’t handle myself, so I meditated, which helped, but I couldn’t forget his talks and memories. Akshay asks Ashok to come for coffee because she thinks his memories snatch her peace always. As Ranbir drives the car, he says he always misunderstood Akshay, first thinking he was a smuggler, then thinking he liked Prachi, but thankfully he doesn’t love Prachi as much as he loves Priya.

Akshay doesn’t love Prachi, and I got the funding for my projects. Someone trusted my capabilities, so he thinks Prachi would have been happy if she had heard. When he thinks of Panchi, he wants to share his happiness with Khushi, so he comes to Vada Pav’s shop and asks him for vada pav. When he sees pastries, he asks the sales guy for four pastries, and she says she will enjoy them.

A salesman asks if your daughter will like it. Ranbir asks how the salesman knows. The salesman replies that you told him she would like it. Ranbir goes to share his happiness with Khushi. Dadi comes out of the house and waits for Ashok. Ashok says the weather is good today, then says he saw his son smiling today. Dadi says what’s the big deal? Everyone smiles. Dadi says everyone needs Prachi, and praises Prachi. Ashok asks when you will talk to her about Akshay, and asks her to praise him in front of her.

Ashok asks if Dadi likes Akshay for Prachi. Dadi replies that Prachi loved someone very much, so she gets scared of loving someone. As she is about to tell Ashok about Ranbir, he says he doesn’t want to hear it since she didn’t tell them. He says Prachi will like Akshay soon, and we will make sweets for each other.

Prachi arrives. Ashok says he was going and saw Dadi, so got down to speak with her. Prachi says she is his daughter and might become his daughter-in-law. As Ashok leaves, Dadi tells Prachi that she wants to talk to her about Ranbir. Khushi is selling flowers at the signal when Ranbir comes to her shop and tells her he has brought her vada pav, and then we will have pastry.

Khushi feels pain in her face as he says that his new project will change his life. Ranbir asks what happened to you, you don’t seem to be happy. Ranbir sees a mark on her hand and then on her face, and asks her who beat her. Dadi tells Prachi that they had been to a temple where Ranbir’s family was present. Shahana appears and tells Prachi that they met us, but the main thing has changed.

Then what? Dadi says even Ranbir’s family wants Khushi. Prachi says she knows about this and didn’t tell them because they will be stressed. Prachi says Khushi is my daughter and she will come here when Ranbir also comes there to meet Khushi.

Dadi says you described Khushi as your daughter. Prachi says she feels Khushi is her ansh, her daughter. Dadi says Ranbir’s family wanted to take Khushi home. She says that she has lost her child once, but will not lose her again, Khushi will come to our house and live here no matter what happens. Khushi says nobody has beaten her, and she must sell the flowers. Ranbir asks if you are worried about selling flowers. Khushi says she does.

Khushi says Maayi asked her to sell these flowers. Ranbir asks who beat her daughter. She says she has to sell the flowers. Ranbir buys all her flowers and asks who beat her. As she tells Ranbir that she fell, he gets teary eyes and asks her to tell him, and tells her that they are connected by their souls, and says he feels pain seeing her in pain. He tells her Shiv beat you, and asks whether she will make him cry more.

She says never and hugs him. He asks her to trust him always and says he will never let anything happen to her. My daughter was taken by God and now she stays with God, and God has sent you to change your name, and he says you are my daughter Khushi.

As Ranbir pushes Laali’s boyfriend, the guy picks up the knife. Khushi gets scared. The milk pan falls on the floor in Prachi’s house. Dadi says this is inauspicious.

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