Pandya Store 13th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 13th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Krish and Rishita deceiving Dhara. Krish asks Shiva to accompany him, while Dhara hides. Believing that everyone has left, she says, “They all left.” Rishita fumbles with the aarti plate and apologizes. Dhara cries and enters the house. Suman asks her to listen, but Dhara goes straight to her room. Shiva comments that she will be furious with them and believes that she should know the reason why they didn’t go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Gautam comes out of the room and scolds them for tying him up. He runs towards them in anger, and they try to stop him. Shivank, who was hiding, observes Gautam’s anger. Krish and Shiva manage to catch Gautam, while Suman suggests throwing him into the well, expressing her surprise at his behaviour. Shiva tells Gautam to calm down, warning him that Suman will beat him if he doesn’t. Shiva leads Gautam away.

Rishita acknowledges that Dhara’s anger is justified, as they didn’t go to the hospital, and Shivank cannot replace Gautam. Shiva tells Gautam to sleep and wake up in the morning, and Gautam falls asleep. Shivank realizes that Dhara was right and concludes that this family will never accept him, so he shouldn’t stay there. Shiva asks him to leave and they share a hug. Shivank requests a hug from Rishita, but she stops him.

Shiva urges Shivank to stop the drama and leave. Suman reassures Shivank that they consider him family. Shivank reminisces about how Suman used to be troubled by his childhood pranks and plots his revenge, thinking that his childhood was ruined and now it’s their turn to suffer. Suman asks how they can convince Dhara, and Rishita suggests throwing a surprise party. Suman asks Shivank to join them, and he agrees to come in the evening. Shiva asks about Prafulla, and Rishita indicates that she has passed away.

Dhara recalls everything and cries. She sees her reflection in the mirror, laughing at her for being abandoned by her family. Dhara screams in frustration and throws things, declaring that she will have no relationship with them from now on. She looks at family pictures and tears them apart, remembering the good times they shared. She sets the pictures on fire and weeps. Prerna enters the room and informs her that Shweta is back, Rishita is taking her side, and she had to come to talk about it. Prerna questions why Shweta is there and asks Dhara to persuade Rishita to remove her. Dhara notices the bag and angrily throws it, demanding that Prerna leave. She pushes Prerna and tells her to solve her own problems. Dhara locks the door and cries in solitude.

The family surprises Dhara with a party, but she dismisses it as a drama, declaring that she has no relationship with them anymore.

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