Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th January 2023 written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Angad’s servant presents him with an earring found in the latter’s pocket, to which Mandeep inquires if it belongs to him. Angad is anxious as he tries to explain that being a jeweller, obviously there will be jewellery kept with him. But Mandeep’s questioning does not end here, throwing Angad into silence. Sahiba then turns her attention to Kulcha and enquires whether Seerat’s earring was discovered in his auto, followed by if any other materials like clay, paint and brush were brought for her work. Kulcha unfurls the grim news that nobody wants to lend them money while the debtor isn’t responding too. This causes Sahiba great distress.

Sahiba is asked to pay the milkman’s debt by Santosh. Seert comes down ready and says she will go to Brar house to find her earring. Sahiba says she should go there. Santosh insists on sending Seerat there and asks Keerat to accompany Seerat. Keerat refuses and says she doesn’t want to visit rich people who are poor by nature. While Santosh scolds her, Keerat remains adamant. Seerat goes alone. Sahiba worries about Seerat. Keerat thinks something is really wrong with Seerat.

Mandeep questions Angad once again as to whose earring it is, which brings a roar of laughter from Kiara, Garry and Veer as they reveal it is Seerat’s. Jasleen smugly affirms her suspicion that Angad fancies Seerat. Red-faced, Angad denies it. As Kiara inquires if he had stolen Seerat’s trinket, he replies that he found it on his bed. Mandeep surmises that maybe it had slipped off when Seerat was resting on the bed. The servant informs them of Seerat’s presence outside, making Angad ecstatic. Looking at the situation, Mandeep considers looking into Seerat’s background if Angad is so taken by her. Sahiba gets worried for her sister upon imagining Brar’s callous attitude and reaches an even greater concern when she realizes that Seerat left her phone at home. With Keerat in tow, they make their way to Brar’s residence where they are met by coarse guards who verbally abuse them both; to Kirit’s immense rage. Sahiba calms her down and explains their purpose; of collecting the lost

He walks to Seerat feeling shy. His cousins walk behind him and pull his legs. Mandeep questions her. She says she lost her earring here. Jasleen asks if she came here just to get paid. It is Angad who gives Seerat the earring. Seerat says she has many earrings, but this one was gifted to her by her dying grandmother, and she cannot lose it. Jasleen tells Mandeep that Angad is too shy and sure likes Seerat. Seerat shyly says she will go now, but Mandeep stops her.

In the precap, Angad notices Sahiba at the gate and asks why she is there. The guard responds that she entered forcefully, as she did yesterday.

Sahiba asks Seerat to speak. Seerat interrupts Angad and says she will handle Seerat. Mandeep notices them and asks Angad why Seerat is with Sahiba.

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