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Pandya Store

Pandya Store, 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku thinking of Dhara and crying. Shesh and Mittu ask him not to cry. Shesh says Dhara wants her out of the house. Chiku leaves. You know Dev, the festival looks good with family, you can go back, but come here to celebrate festivals with us. Dev replies, but I won’t return from here.

The man makes Thandai for Gautam. Dev says don’t drink today. Gautam says you will drink too. Shiva checks the store. He says everyone is playing Holi, what am I doing here? The lady says your wife danced well. Krish says she doesn’t belong to me. The lady says then make her leave the house. Shweta asks Krish to see how she is flying. Natasha comes. Shweta asks where you are, I had to tell you something. Natasha asks if she should ask something. Shweta says fine, just catch me first. She runs. She says I have to find Krish. Natasha asks, is he my Chachu? Did they tell the truth?

Natasha gets upset. Dev tells Gautam not to drink. He says you want to drink, it has become your weakness, please leave this. Gautam smiles. Natasha asks if those people are family to her. Sadly, Shweta says yes, but you didn’t hear anything and I didn’t either. She hugs Natasha. Natasha pushes her and asks if you’re not my mother. Shweta says no, no. Rishita gets to Kanta’s house. Dhara arrives. They don’t see Natasha. Kanta tells them that I made her sleep here.

If Shweta gets Natasha, Dhara says it will be wrong. Shweta hugs her and tells her she is her mother. They cry. Natasha says you are lying, they are not your family, you are my family. Shweta says I am not your family, they are your family. Krish goes to find Natasha. She cries and says I wish I could throw her out. Shiva locks the door and goes to find Gautam. Krish sees the store locked. He looks for Shiva. He goes after Shiva.

You can scold me, but don’t leave me, Gautam says. Dev nods. Gautam throws away the thandai. Dhara tells them Natasha has fled. Gautam asks what. All of them run to find her. Chiku cries. Shesh and Mittu hold his hands and hug him. Kuch nahi…plays… As Natasha recalls the Pandya family, Shiva plays the dhol. Shwet comes there and dances. Shiva doesn’t see her. She runs to the other side. Krish looks for Shiva. Shweta holds his hands and dances.

He sees Shiva. Prerna sees everyone. The kids come home. Chiku recalls Dhara’s words. Darmiyaan…plays… He cries. Shesh and Mittu hug him. Krish says come with me. Shweta invites him to dance. She goes to Shiva’s side and Krish runs to get her. She falls over the dhol. Shiva is shocked by Shweta. Krish is worried.


Chiku packs his bag and says Dhara lied to me, I’m leaving the house, she’s not my mother. Dhara worries about Chiku.

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