Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st January 2024 Written Episode: Parth’s Airport Escape Turns into a Thrilling Chase!


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With the junoon-e-dil diamond, Parth reaches the airport. When Yashraj’s Russian client awaits him, he recalls Yashraj telling him that junoon-e-dil is sukoon-e-dil to him so he could trap Angad and put the whole Brar family into trouble. He will sell his diamond to his Russian client and get a hefty profit. While disguised as an airport employee, he carries a diamond bag on the trolley, smiles at a Russian lady, and asks if she would like to take this trolley.

When Angad enters and says he needs this trolley, Parth notices him and runs with the bag. Russian lady catches Angad and says she won’t let him take the diamond. She calls security and says this man has a gun. Angad points at Parth and says he has a gun. Security personnel say this lady says he has a gun. Angad points at Parth and says he has a gun. Parth runs behind him as Angad says she is Russian and cannot speak proper English.

As Parth exits a good truck, Angad lifts his truck with his bare hands. Parth feels happy that he fooled Angad. Sahiba reaches there with Angad. Angad beats Parth and asks if he thought he would easily escape with diamonds. Parth asks how he found out where he was. In reply, Angad says he put a track in the diamond bag and recalls discovering his location.

A policeman arrests Parth. After Yash’s Russian client calls him and informs him that his aide has been arrested, Yash panics and says the diamond is gone and that Angad will try to get a stay of demolition from the court. In response to Angad’s aide’s question, he calls his goon and orders him to stop him from reaching the court. Angad’s lawyer calls him and asks him to arrive at the court immediately.

Their house is dilapidated, and Brars feels discouraged. With the help of his goons, Yash gets everything out of the house and auctions it to the neighbors for 10-20 rupees each. Brars stands heartbroken when he refuses to sell their stuff, which they are emotionally attached to. The judge is missing from his room when Angad and Sahiba arrive at court. Their lawyer submits his file to the judge and walks out to take Angad and Sahiba in. Goons peek in through the window.


Angad and Sahiba searched for the judge in the whole court. Yash’s goons kidnap the judge. Yash orders brar’s mansion to be destroyed with dynamite. Angad tells Sahiba and his lawyer that Yash will destroy their house if the judge is not found.

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