Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Rhea tells Ranbir if he loves Prachi, he can choose her; if Prachi also loves him, then it is her choice. The episode starts with Rhea saying she doesn’t want to become like she was in the past, with betrayal, conspiracies, and lies. She says we are mature enough now to respect each other’s decisions, and we take decisions together. Ranbir hears her and leaves. Rhea says she is very happy and has never felt this way before.

I won’t marry Ranbir, she says, since Prachi returned, and she says I’m not that Rhea who was mad about Ranbir and stubborn to marry him, but now I’m stubborn for happiness and my family. I will be happy if Ranbir chooses Prachi if he wants to. When Ranbir recalls Rhea’s words, he recalls Rhea confronting him for letting Dida announce their marriage.

Aryan comes to Ranbir to tell him that he saw Vikram and Pallavi fighting. Ranbir says he will clear the confusion when he has clarity. Ranbir asks Aryan to leave. Aryan says he doesn’t want to. Ranbir says he just wants to be alone. Aryan leaves. Dida comes and asks when you are going to stop playing with your happiness.

The reason that Rhea does not want to return here is that Prachi has returned, but that does not mean that she has returned in your life. Dida says Prachi has returned, but that does not mean that she is back in your life. Neither Prachi nor Rhea will be yours if he does not make a decision before the time runs out. He asks Receptionist if Prachi came. She says no, and says Ashok sir is waiting for you. She smiles. Akshay says he is not single anymore.

Prachi also comes to the reception and is congratulated by the receptionist. Ashok made an announcement and asked for sweets for all staff. As Akshay sees her, he runs to Ashok and tells him she is the one he was waiting for. Prachi arrives. They pretend to talk about the project before asking why the laptop isn’t working.

Good morning, Prachi. Ashok asks if you know the quote from Juneja. Prachi then gives the resignation letter and explains that she wishes to resign. His team member insists on showing the presentation. Ranbir imagines Ranbir and Akshay dancing in the presentation and asks him to stop. It is a PowerPoint presentation. Prachi says she has to leave. Akshay asks her to wait and asks why she is resigning. Ashok looks on.

Akshay asks Prachi what the reason is. Prachi says I always considered you as a good friend, I told you before and then again…She says it’s pointless to talk about it. After hearing your proposal, she said she was silent, assuming you would understand my silence, but when you called, she thought to tell you I was not ready for a relationship.

It will be awkward for us to work in the same office, so I am resigning from this position as it will be in my best interest. Akshay gets teary eyes. He is about to go behind her when Ashok stops him and goes behind her. Akshay is heartbroken. The employees give their presentations, but Ranbir thinks about Akshay and Prachi and recalls Dida’s announcement and her words.

Ranbir gets up and asks them to leave him alone for a while. The employee says they need to decide about an ad campaign. Ranbir asks them to give him some time. Ranbir wonders why I am thinking about Prachi all the time, she has moved on, and Prachi and Rhea have moved on in their lives, but I am stuck.

When she wasn’t here, I used to hate her, and when she returned, she has moved on. When Akshay proposed to her, she was fine with it, so why couldn’t I concentrate on my work and life? He decides to go to the garden area for a while and think. He tells himself that Prachi has moved on and he will move on as well. As Prachi packs her stuff from her cabin, she recalls Dida’s words. Ashok comes over to ask Prachi what she is doing. Prachi replies that she is packing.

You are my daughter, I won’t let you get hurt, and I’ll fight with Akshay, but don’t leave me. Prachi tells him she’s not leaving him, but the company. According to Ashok, time has changed values have changed too, and until there is work, relations do matter. Prachi asks if you think I will stop.

If you leave me, then we will lose Juneja project as well. He holds back the files and says you can’t go until Juneja’s project is completed and you must give notice before resigning. I will do Juneja’s work from home and you can’t stop me. Akshay arrives.

He gets emotional when Ashok tells Prachi that the business will be handled somehow if she leaves the company. In reply, Prachi says you know what I mean to you and that’s why I am asking you for some time. Akshay asks Rhea why Prachi is afraid of love.

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