Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

As Ranbir sees Akshay and Prachi together, he becomes jealous and leaves. Prachi apologizes to Akshay because he told her not to cry, but she is still crying. Akshay comments that she shouldn’t worry about it.

In an effort to console Ranbir, Vikram hugs him. Ranbir tries to conceal the reason for his crying. Vikram plays along with Ranbir and says he is going to give blood to Khushi. Vikram responds by saying yes when Ranbir asks Vikram whether people will really feel emotionally affected by giving blood.

Dadi and Shahana are greeted by Vikram. Vikram looks at Khushi in the ICU. Vikram says to everyone that Khushi is a carbon copy of Ranbir and that their blood group also matches Ranbir’s. Pallavi tells the nurse to take Vikram to give blood. Ranbir recalls Vikram’s words about many people having the same blood group.

In the washroom, Ranbir thinks of Khushi. He looks in the mirror and looks at Khushi’s picture. Ranbir thinks Khushi looks just like Prachi. As a doctor enters the washroom, Ranbir greets Dr Satish, who he hasn’t seen in a long time. He thinks it’s fate that they met here just now. Asked by Ranbir to do a DNA test of him and Khushi, Dr Satish agreed and asked Ranbir to conceal the fact that they knew each other. Ranbir agreed.

Balbir says he was manipulated by others, but Wilson reminds him that his girlfriend sent them here because she double-crossed him. Balbir suggests to Wilson that they can get out with the help of his girlfriend Laali since she will do anything for money. In order to test the system, Wilson asks Balbir to make a phone call. Balbir asks the inspector to allow him to do so. The inspector agrees.

In a phone call to Laali, Balbir apologizes for what he did and says that he misses her. After what he did to her, Laali says that their relationship is over. Balbir invites Laali to meet him in jail and says that if she does, she will receive a lot of money.

Wilson praises Balbir. Balbir decides to teach Prachi a lesson when she gets out. He tells Wilson that Laali is coming and he has to tell her how she will get the money and which lawyer she needs to meet.

She apologizes to Maata Rani and prays for Khushi’s well-being. A lady Pandit tells Prachi that the wind direction is changing and asks her not to worry.

Lady Pandit tells Prachi that her daughter’s life is in danger. Prachi agrees to go with her if they do Havan.

As Ranbir looks at the moon, he prays to God that his suspicions about Khushi will be confirmed.

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