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Her happiness and respect will come after Garry has passed away, Seerat believes. Her room door is knocked by Angad. She hides Sahiba’s gown and opens it. Angad asks what she was doing and Seerat says she couldn’t see Garry’s stuff, so she was packing it. Garry’s stuff is picked up by Angad.

Angad asks Seerat to calm down after seeing Garry’s belt and recalling Garry torturing her. Seerat finds a chance and holds his hand and thanks her for supporting her. Sahiba walks in searching for Angad and asks what’s going on. When Angad sees Garry’s stuff, Seerat became upset.

Sahiba asks Seerat why don’t she shift to their parent’s house for some time, and Angad is going to drop her off at college and will drop Seerat off at their parents’ house on the way home. They told Seerat this house belongs to her as well, so why is Sahiba telling her to leave? Sahiba says she does not mean that and thought Seerat would feel better.

They are informed by the servant that Akaal and Japjyoth are calling. The Brar family gathers in the living room. Akaal says that he and Japjyoth have made a decision with a lot of thought. According to Japjyoth, stars maintain a distance between them in order to maintain a healthy balance, just as relatives should maintain a distance from one another.

Jaspal inquires as to the meaning behind Japjyoth’s words. Japjyoth then calls for Sahiba to join her, while Akaal invites Angad to sit beside him. He commends Sahiba for winning over their hearts through her admirable conduct and selfless contributions, despite initially not being accepted into the household. Inder also expresses his admiration for Sahiba. After much consideration, they have decided to pass on the family’s responsibilities and retire from their roles. With Angad already taking charge of the Brar family business and elevating it to new heights, Japjyoth states that they are entrusting the responsibility of the household to Sahiba.

In response, Manveer tells Japjyoth that she should receive the responsibility as per the rule. Japjyotth says she should be happy that her DIL is given the responsibility. Akaal says Manveer is confident Sahiba will take care of the family well. Japjyoth says she sees Manveer’s shadow in Sahiba.

Japjyoth says that it doesn’t matter where a girl came from, what matters is whether she accepts the family or not. Sahiba comes from a poor family, whereas she comes from a rich family. As she has to get this right, not Sahiba, Seerat thinks she should oppose the decision.

As Gurleen and Jaspal agree with Akaal and Japjyoth’s decision, they feel Sahiba is a great choice for handling the family. Sahiba thanks them for considering her competent, but she is not yet ready to handle the responsibility. Akaal and Japjyoth assure Sahiba she is ready. Sahiba agrees. All members of the family congratulate Sahiba.

Inder assures Angad he will handle Manveer. He walks up to Manveer and asks if she doubts Sahiba’s abilities. Inder tries his best to explain her and says she should support Sahiba now and it is even Angad’s wish to have her support. Manveer shouts that she thought her husband and son would support her at least once, but they think she is old now and is unable to handle the family’s responsibilities.


After kissing Angad, Sahiba leaves with her bag and says their togetherness only lasted until now. As she returns the keys to Japjyoth, Sahiba says she cannot fulfill the family’s responsibility she was given, and Japjyot asks what is wrong. She walks out of the house and says she should ask Angad about it.

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