Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th June 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, 5th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Viju shares with Amba the story of his wife threatening to harm herself if he chose to be with Amba, causing him to stay away. Sai and Virat are reminded of a similar incident involving Paakhi. Viju then recites a shayari, reflecting on how he gained nothing by losing his wife. The two imagine themselves as SRK and Preity Zinta from the movie Veer Zaara, realizing that life is unpredictable and wondering if their own story will end like Viru and Amba’s. In a tender moment, Virat wipes away Sai’s tears and takes her hand as the song “Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye” plays in the background. Their daydream is interrupted by the sound of Amba’s voice.

It is very late for him, Ambawa says, since their son had to spend 30 years without him. Viju asks if they have a son. Amba says she was pregnant when he left her and brings Satya in. Viju emotionally hugs Satya. Virat and Sai discuss the kidnapping and reunion of Savi. Having been separated from such joy, his family was waiting for him and he wasn’t there, Viju says he has ill fate.

Amba regrets not having met him before, but she was living alone for the sake of her son. As Sai approaches Satya, he asks her to give him some space. However, Sai reminds him that true friends always support each other in difficult times. She explains that sometimes it’s not the person who is at fault, but rather the circumstances. In Viju kaka’s case, he didn’t know that Amba was pregnant; otherwise, he would have dropped everything and returned to her. Now that Viju has lost all hope and can only be convinced by Satya for surgery, as a doctor and son, it is his responsibility to persuade his baba. Sai wonders if Satya wants to spend quality time with his father or not and urges him to calmly consider it.

Satya goes back to Viju, who immediately expresses his doubts about being forgiven. He stumbles and Satya rushes to catch him, calling him “baba.” Viju is overjoyed to hear this and asks if he has been forgiven. Satya replies that forgiveness is only possible if he agrees to the surgery. Viju explains that he can’t imagine his life without Amba’s memory and wants to spend his remaining days with both Amba and Satya. However, Amba suggests that they can create new memories together and move on with their lives. Virat and Sai also urge him to do it for the sake of their family. In the end, Viju agrees. Satya promises to stand by him during the surgery while Sai instructs the nurse to prepare for it, knowing they have six hours until then. Meanwhile, Virat heads off to the police station.

Sai rushes out and asks Virat to drop her off at Chavan Nivas. Virat asks if she wants to meet Vinu. Sai says Vinu and Saavi have gone to their friend’s house, so she wants to meet Bhavani to convince her that Viju and Amba should get married. To make Amba reminisce good memories, Sai suggests Viju apply vermilion to her forehead and fix a mangalsutra to her neck.

As she arrives at Chavan nivas, Sai shares her desire to mend Bhavani’s animosity towards her sister and discusses the topic of relationships. When Bhavani opens the door and questions her presence, Sai explains that she came to inform her about her sister’s upcoming wedding. She adds that the sister whom Bhavani holds so much resentment towards will finally have a complete family as Viju, Amba’s love, will soon marry her. With genuine intentions, Sai requests Bhavani to attend the wedding and bless her sister as Viju fills Amba’s forehead with vermilion and places a mangalsutra around her neck.

Bhavani denies and cusses Sai. Sai says she knows even Bhavani has been hurt for 30 years like Amba, and she should bless her sister today to clear her pain. The one who destroyed Virat’s life is talking about relationships, according to Bhavani. She says she separated her children from each other and a father from his children and now she’s talking about relationships. She continues to cuss Sai and walks out of the ceremony, refusing to attend.


Ashwini apologizes to Sai for forcing her to leave Virat’s life and asks her to stop Virat from taking a transfer and going far away from them. Satya overhears their conversation.


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