Shiv Shakti (Zee) 11th July 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 11th July 2023, Written Update on

While Shiv looks around Shiv’s house, Shakti has red feet from stepping on rangoli and leaves her foot marks. Rimjhim looks around and says the house looks like heaven, so big and fancy. I never want to leave. Shakti says I want to get this form signed and go home. I feel safe only in my home. Rimjhim thinks that we may be able to move into this house one day.

Shakti discovers a mandir inside the house and offers her prayers to Bhole Nath. She expresses her wish for assistance in obtaining a signature on a form after putting in hard work. As she turns around, she sees Gayatri and asks about her identity. Shakti greets her with a smile and Gayatri inquires about her name. Shakti, whispering to Rimjhim, notes that Gayatri seems nurturing and may be the one they need the signature from. When Gayatri asks if they need anything, Rimjhim excuses herself to use the washroom. Before leaving, Shakti respectfully touches Gayatri’s feet and introduces herself as Shakti.

His sister Koyal says you are tacky, my followers will unfollow you if you act like this. Keertan says I invited Shakti if she likes me. Koyal says you can’t get married until Shiv gets married, so stop being so love sick. Keertan says no girl would agree to marry him, he would never find love, but my love life has started, once Shakti comes here, I’ll handle everything, but how? I need to buy her a gift.

In response to Gayatri’s question, Shakti says her dream is to become a doctor, she has passed the entrance exam with the best score in the city, but you can help me realize that dream. Your trust sponsors the study of medicine for five kids. Four kids have already been chosen and I need the last. I promise to be an excellent doctor if you make my dream a reality.

Gayatri reassures that there is no need for justification as she believes the individual will make an excellent doctor due to their evident hard work and talent. However, the issue at hand is the inability to sign a form. Gayatri clarifies that only her sister-in-law or son Shiv can provide their signature on this specific document. Upon learning that Dr. Shiv is Gayatri’s son, Shakti expresses admiration for his competence and suggests asking him to sign the form instead. Unfortunately, Gayatri explains that her son is unable to sign these papers and she will have to ask her sister-in-law to do so. Reassuringly, she assures that she will take care of the situation and proceeds to request refreshments from Sundari before discussing matters with Mandira. Shakti ponders why Gayatri did not simply get her son’s signature for such a small task, but decides not to question Maaji’s stress over the matter.

He keeps having flashbacks of a girl pleading to let her die. She falls down and says I was right. He is getting jittery in his room and says I wasn’t wrong. I shouldn’t hide my truth. I wasn’t wrong before and I am not wrong now either.

It would have been great if I could get Dr. Shiv’s signature, but it’s okay, I just need the signature.

Gayatri approaches Shiv’s room and discovers him sitting in a corner. Overcome with emotion, she expresses that he was not at fault. Upon noticing her presence, Shiv shifts his gaze and she quickly conceals herself. In the dim light, Shiv catches sight of her silhouette and tears start to fall. Together, they shed tears in silence as Gayatri reassures her son that he did the right thing by being honest. She assures him that despite the world, his mother, and the situation being against him, there will be a girl who will accept him for who he is and love him unconditionally. This person will alleviate his pain and bring back his lost love. Gayatri pleads for her son to find true love, partnership, and lasting happiness. However, Shiv’s emotions become overwhelming and he accidentally breaks a nearby vase.

When Padma tells Mandira that Gayatri asked you to meet with a poor and beggar girl for sponsorship, you agreed. When Mandira enters the lounge, Shakti is shocked to see her. The woman will never agree to sign my form. She starts walking away when Mandira stops her and asks who are you? Shakti turns towards Mandira and is surprised. She asks what this girl is doing here.

She asks what are you doing here? Shakti says I had some work but I don’t think it will happen. Mandira takes the form from her and says, So you need my signature for admission to a medical school? You misbehaved with me twice, so it must be embarrassing for you to seek help now. I am in control of whether your dream is fulfilled. Shakti says no.. only the Lord will fulfill my dream. I wouldn’t have come if I knew it was your house.

As Mandira glances at her marksheet, she praises, “Your grades are outstanding and you certainly deserve admission.” However, Padma interjects that due to her misconduct towards Mandira, she does not deserve any opportunity. Frustrated, Mandira confides to Shakti, “I regret that you behaved poorly with me. Your grades are exceptional but I am still upset with your behavior.” She adds that Shakti should have stayed within her limits. Despite this, she agrees to sign the form for Shakti’s admission. Grateful, Shakti expresses surprise and thanks Mandira. Nonchalantly, Mandira responds, “I have a condition though – you must touch my feet.” Shocked by this unexpected request, Shakti is taken aback.

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