Pandya Store 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

In the episode, Mansukh says that they will be coming now. He tells Shweta not to worry, he has the honey bees. She sees the Pandya family approaching. The woman hides her face under a veil. Suman asks if she will come out before honey bees bite us. Rishita says everything will be fine. Gautam says we will be ready with the cylinder.

She asks Dev to take Shiva outside because they can’t take a risk with him. Dhara says we are doing something auspicious. Dhara asks Mansukh about Shweta. She lies to them. All of them go inside. Dhara says Shweta changed the plan and said she would do the kidnapping. We will go inside first, otherwise, she will doubt us. Mansukh keeps the bee’s box down and excuses himself.

Gautam asks Mansukh to show the money before registration. Mansukh gives it to Gautam. Suman says, Mansukh, you can’t do anything well, will you give me this money so my Laxmi can give it to your Laxmi? Mansukh gives it to Kaki. She will give it to my Laxmi, who is Subhadra’s sister. Mansukh asks Shweta to give it to Suman. Shweta gives it to Suman. Suman thanks her.

The lawyer asks them to sign the papers. Gautam asks Mansukh to sign first. Shweta asks how will Mansukh sign first, and you sign first. Gautam says fine, we will sign together. Shweta asks why Krish would sign, he’s the eldest, and he should sign first. Gautam asks how do you know I’m the eldest. Shweta says I can see and say that, I’ve been there.

Gautam agrees, but since this property is in our name, it’s okay if he signs first. Krish signs the papers. Shweta calls someone and says come fast. Suman says I can’t sign. Shweta worries. Suman says I’m illiterate. Gautam gives her an inkpad. Suman gives her thumb impression.

Eventually, Gautam signs. Someone shoots in the air. Everyone runs around. Shweta changes the papers in the file. Dhara changes them again. Shweta signs.

Shweta sees the ear plugs. She recalls. Dhara also sees them. Shweta asks what they are. Mansukh signs next. Dhara keeps an eye on them. Rishita opens the bees box. Mansukh’s wig falls off. Shweta sees them. Dhara takes the papers. She is stopped by Shweta. She says you cannot take this file anywhere.

Shweta takes the papers from Dhara. She says you will not get anything now. She runs. Suman stops her. Shweta and Dhara fight for the papers. The papers fall. Rishita gets the papers. She is delighted. Dhara says you won’t get the papers. Shweta says I will destroy the Pandya store, I won’t leave the store or house. She dances. She hides somewhere.

Everyone comes. Dhara says don’t know where the papers fell. Shweta has threatened us that she will destroy the Pandya store. Dev asks where is Rishita. Rishita comes out and shows the papers. Everyone smiles.


Chiku makes kites and sends them to everyone, asking them to return, Suman is sick.

Suman says okay. Chiku runs and opens the door. His little cousins are there. Dhara says you must die.

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