Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad and Sahiba’s Court Drama


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As a result of prewedding functions at home, Angad tells his lawyer today that they cannot go to court. Sahiba replies, “So what? Angad himself told us they would finish this legal work as quickly as possible,” so let’s go to court. Manveer wants to know why Sahiba is needed to sign property documents. The lawyer says Sahiba’s signature is required on a form. Akaal says he’s glad they’re both thinking about Veer and Keerat’s future. The lawyer says to leave before the court ends.

Inder hears that Seerat is going to court and asks where she wants to go. The driver asks where she wants to go, Seerat district court. Seerat says she has not received her divorce certificate yet, so she will check when she will accept it. Inder says she did a good favour by saving Simran’s life so that he would help her in the court formalities. He insistently gets into the car and asks her to get in.

Upon arriving at the courtroom, their lawyer informed Angad and Sahiba that two counsellors would counsel them individually. Once the counsellors have submitted their reports, further proceedings will take place. As they were about to enter, Seerat attempted to follow them but was stopped by Inder, who redirected them the other way. During his session with the male counsellor, Angad was asked about the reason for wanting a divorce within one year of their wedding anniversary. Angad said it was personal, and the counsellor reminded him that he would need to reveal personal and even more intimate details in court. In a separate room, Sahiba was questioned by the female counsellor.

Both counsellors ask different questions, and Angad and Sahiba answer in each other’s favour. When they have no issue with each other and have even written each other’s names on their hands, the counsellors ask why they want a divorce. They both recall that Angad does not like Sahiba supporting Garry.

When Seerat realizes she needs to leave to find out where Sahiba and Angad have gone, she excuses herself. Their counselling ends. Angad says Sahiba should have badmouthed him in front of the counsellor. Sahiba thinks she would have done the same. Their nok jhok begins. They start pointing out their differences. Sahiba points out that he wanted a divorce but not her. Angad asks if they should go from here or if he should get her divorce now. Her doubt is right that Angad and Sahiba are divorcing, so she wants to see how their family reacts to seeing their ideal couple divorce.

When the counsellors submit their report, the lawyer tells Angad and Sahiba he will get their divorce soon. Seerat asks a peon to give her a copy of the signed divorce application. The peon refuses to give her a copy because she’s Angad’s and Sahiba’s friend. He asks for a reason. He refuses to give her a copy. After court hours, the peon hears her and says he can get whatever she wants. She pays him. Once more is paid to him, he says he will give her the documents.

As Sahiba and Keerat’s chooda ritual begins at home, Prabjot explains that typically the girl’s mama performs the ritual, but since they don’t have one, Inder offers to step in as their mama. Veer excitedly tells Angad that after today’s marriage, Keerat will be by his side forever, just like Sahiba is with him. This brings back fond memories of Angad and Sahiba’s time together. The song “Do Pal Ruka Khwabon Ka Karwaan..” plays in the background as Garry walks by and catches a glimpse of Keerat. She remembers asking him not to leave her side, and he recalls openly expressing his love for her to Sahiba. Meanwhile, Angad also reflects on his past decision to divorce Sahiba.


Injured, Sahiba walks in and says he is late. Angad asks what happened to her. He tears the divorce papers and thinks he made a big mistake.

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