Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s Anguish Unfolds


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi urges Isha to consider Ishan’s suffering, having endured numerous emotional wounds. She believes that he would feel less anger towards his mother once he understands why she had to leave him. They are both going through a difficult time and need closure. The guests remark that this must be the Bhosale family’s story, where women are prohibited from working. They express sympathy for Ishan, who is burdened with pain and separated from his mother. Ishan becomes upset upon overhearing Savi’s conversation.

Reeva panics thinking Ishan prays Surekha, she got into Savi’s trap by mistake. She walks to Savi, takes her mic, and breaks it, revealing that the audience, including Ishan, heard their conversation. In response, she tongue-lashed her for telling everyone Ishan’s story and dragging even her into the drama.

After realizing her mistake, Savi rushes to Ishan and apologizes for her blunder. However, Ishan reprimands her for disclosing his story to others and demands that she know by what authority she did so. He reminds her that the students he had helped and who looked up to him as a role model will now pity him. Exasperated, he questions why Savi believes she is right and feels the need to meddle in others’ lives. In response, Savi explains that she had given him the script beforehand and wanted to show him how his family had suffered due to his actions.

Savi yells at Surekha for revealing their family’s secret when she walks in and says she can’t afford a meal. Ishan gets her admission to college and hostel and pays for her canteen fees. she lives off Ishan’s favors, and she tries to poison Ishan in his mind, saying he’s only her son. Surekha slaps Savi, and she falls. Savi says Ishan is Isha’s son.

When Savi remembers Ishan stopping Surekha from slapping her, he asks Ishan if he heard about his mother being wronged by his family. Ishan pushes Surekha away. Surekha calls him in vain. Savi claims Ishan does not listen to her because of her, and Isha creates all this drama to fill Ishan’s hatred for her. Surekha shouts at Surekha to stop and continues to shout. Savi claims Isha did not know anything, it was her plan.

As Shantanu enters the room, he immediately asks Surekha to calm down. She responds by shouting at him about his wife’s actions. However, Shantanu defends Isha, stating that it was not her fault as she had no prior knowledge of the situation. Despite this, Surekha continues to blame Isha and questions the kind of parents they are for causing their son pain. Overwhelmed with emotion, Surekha feels dizzy, and Yashwant supports her while harshly criticizing Isha. Savi tries to defend Isha once more by explaining that she had organized the play but is met with anger from Yashwant, who tells her to be quiet and takes Surekha away to their car. As they exit, reporters swarm around them, bombarding them with questions about the allegations against Isha and whether they have separated Ishan from his mother. Nishi quickly intervenes and refutes all of these accusations as baseless.

Shantanu asks Isha where she is going. Isha says she cannot stay in this city and cannot see her son in pain. Shantanu says whatever has happened can’t be changed, so she won’t be called a coward anymore. Isha can’t see her son in such pain, whatever the reason.

Under the rain, Ishan recalls all of today’s events. The Meri Maa song plays in the background. He looks at a boy and imagines Isha leaving him and Surekha accepting him. Savi is also lost in thought. When Harini saves her from an accident, she is scolded for risking her life.


Ishan angrily asks her to leave and asks who gave her the right to interfere in his life. Savi says he did. He orders security not to let her near his cabin and to hand her over to the police in case she does.

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