Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th January Written Episode Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein written episode update on

Pakhi is not in her room, Vinu and Pakhi’s passports are also missing. Sai fears that Pakhi left with Vinu. Mohit returns and says that Vinu wasn’t found. Virat says Pakhi left her phone in her room. Karishma says Vinu also left his phone in his room. Bhavani says it means Pakhi took Vinu away. Virat sent Vinu and Pakhi away and hid the truth from his family to plot Pakhi’s escape. She says Usha warned her that Virat would always support Pakhi.

Virat says he didn’t help Pakhi and never thought she would leave the house with Vinu like this. Ninad asks them to stop fighting and think where Pakhi would have taken Vinu. When Pakhi takes Vinu in a car, she tells him a story about a prince who loved his queen mother very much, and how a sorcerer entered into their lives and controlled anyone with her magic.

Pakhi and Vinayak must be caught as soon as possible, and Virat orders his subordinate to seal all routes out of Nagpur. A sorcerer controlled the king and tried to control the queen, but the queen was too strong and did not allow the sorcerer’s magic to affect her, protecting her son; the sorcerer then tried to cast a magical spell on the prince, but she took him far away from him.

Virat wonders why Pakhi did this. Sai asks him to stop his drama after helping Pakhi escape with Vinu. Virat tells her not to accuse him. Sai says Virat must have told Pakhi that Vinu was his son. Virat says he didn’t. The children are everything to Sai, and she will not spare him or anyone who tries to rob her of them. Sai says he snatched Vinu from her and gave him to Pakhi before and now has done the same.

According to Pakhi, prince obeyed his mother and sacrificed his toys and friends. She says just like a prince, he must respect his mother. They are going to London to stay with her mother and will party a lot.

Vinu excitedly hugs her. Pakhi thinks no one can snatch her son from her, not even Virat and Sai, and she will see how they stop her from going to London. She prays to God that her grandson has lived among them for years, but she refused to accept him because she thought he was not of Chavan bloodline.

She thanks God for always having blessings on her family and prays for Vinu and Pakhi to return home. Sonali reminds her that years ago her one DIL escaped with Vinu and met with an accident. She hopes the accident does not happen again. Ashwini asks her to calm down or her blood pressure will rise. Virat asks her not to talk negatively. Bhavani says Sonali is right, how dare Pakhi take her grandson away.

Bhavani scolds Virat for revealing the truth to Pakhi before them and helping her escape. Virat says he didn’t. Bhavani asks who else then. Pakhi believes Virat knew about Vinu a long time ago and maybe tried to let her know about it, but she ignored it. Driver rash drives. Vinu gets scared when he sees a truck speeding toward them.

A gun is pointed at Sai by Pakhi. Sai says she will take back her son at any cost. Pakhi threatens to kill herself. Virat notices that and tries to grab the gun. A bullet hits one of them.

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