Faltu 6th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

In this episode, Tanisha says the family likes the food served on the table. She says Ayaan and I have gone to the counsellor, and we keep the get-together because the counsellor suggested it. We will play a game today, and you will decide who loves the most.

Tanisha doesn’t know much about Ayaan’s choice. Ayaan doesn’t know much either. Sid answers about Tanu’s choice. Govind says wow, you must know everything.

Your best friend is Tanisha. Ayaan says his eyes tell the truth. Kanika tells her not to worry, it’s just a game. Ayaan picks a snack to eat, but Faltu worries about his allergy and prevents him from eating it. Everyone praises the food. Kanika says this house has a good cook.

Dadi asks how you know since you came today. Sid asks Rocky to tell. Faltu says Amar has told me about it, thanks Amar Ji. Kumkum asks Tanu why did you keep such a dish on the menu. Kanika says it’s okay Tanu, it happens sometimes.

Rocky asks them to continue the game. Tanu says the next game is to check the balance, it’s simple, we just hold this balloon between us as we walk, balancing it. Ayaan and Tanu try the game. The balloon keeps falling. Sid wonders how they can be compatible if they have no relation. Faltu encourages them to look into their eyes instead of the balloon, and they will make it to the finish line.

Kanika tells Faltu it’s easy to say, just do it. Faltu asks how he can. Ayaan asks Rocky to do it. Ayaan and Faltu play the game. They reach the finish line. Tanu is sad.

Kanika goes on a call. Faltu follows and says it’s not Vishal. Tanu says we will play again. Ayaan says I can’t do it again, we will have food. Tanisha says I want to do something for you, our love is true. Kanika goes on call. Faltu follows and says it’s not Vishal.

Tanisha performs with Ayaan on Pyaar ki yeh kahani suno… Everyone claps. Everyone dances on Gallan goodiyaan. Ayaan gets Rocky to dance. Sid dances with Tanu. Ayaan and Faltu dance. Faltu sees her hair coming out. Ayaan asks Faltu for water.

Ayaan smiles. Faltu says I love my face and Ayaan jokes. Rocky says take water yourself, I’m busy looking at my face. Faltu fixes the wig well. She goes and falls in Ayaan’s arms. Ayaan says see and walk. They laugh. She says if we don’t love ourselves, why will anyone else love us?

The party worked, so Tanisha asks Ayaan what was so funny. Ayaan says he is great. Faltu leaves. Tanisha says Ayaan is trying to forget Faltu. Rocky asks for nek. Dadi says to give him nek, he had made the food all by himself. Ayaan says he is amazing, he makes us smile. It’s Holi, Kanika has to come for holika dahan and stay with us till Holi. Tanisha asks Kanika to agree. Kanika says fine, I agree. Faltu also invites Kanika.

Kanika says you’re naughty and goes. Savita says you’re naughty, get to work. Faltu says I’m going to reach her phone and find out the truth about Kanika and Vishal.


When Faltu sees Ayaan in her room, she gets shocked.

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