Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

It begins with Faltu making the caller send the video, she is blackmailing you, will you believe what she says, you got married to Tanu by all the rituals, not with Faltu. Janardhan says there is a big difference between putting sindoor by mistake and marrying lawfully, Tanisha is your wife and Faltu is an opportunist.

Ayaan says she didn’t come to me to ask for her rights, she had tolerated all the taunts and insults, and she’s not an opportunist. I realized she did everything she could to hide the Sindoor truth. When I know the truth, I do not know how to call her wrong, she doesn’t know about the call, and you taught me not to harm innocent people, I do not understand.

Faltu says that you cannot remove me just like that. She looks up Vishal’s information online. She says it means Vishal and Ayaan played for the same team, but they acted like strangers. Was Vishal motivated by Ayaan?

Don’t be foolish, putting sindoor is just a mistake, how can you leave your wife and honeymoon? Marriage happens in two ways, in front of society or legally; not this way. Focus on Tanisha, if you don’t tell anyone, no one will know, don’t ruin things.

Janardhan says to end this Faltu’s chapter, I will go out and handle things. He explains to Ayaan. Kanika will get her investment back, the business will collapse, JM Marts will close, we will come on roads, try to understand. Ayaan says don’t do this. Janardhan says to end this Faltu’s chapter. Govind comes and asks why did they come back home, and where are Janardhan and Ayaan. Savita says Tanu, sorry from Ayaan’s side. Kanika asks Tanu to come with her.

Kanika took Tanu for a talk, Harsh says. Ayaan’s actions are not acceptable, Govind says, since our family business depends on Kanika and Tanu, he has offended Kanika, and she will not keep quiet, did he drop his honeymoon plan because of Faltu’s scandal, and he left Tanu alone? I think it’s a big deal. Dadi says to let them come. Kanika asks did Ayaan get Faltu’s confession video. Tanu asks how this is possible.

Tanu says it’s not possible, Sid and I have the confession video. Kanika asks how he changed his stand, did the blackmailer send it. Kanika says the video can leak from the hospital as well, so maybe he’s blackmailing Ayaan for money, everyone knows Ayaan is very rich. Ayaan becomes sad.

Faltu reads about Vishal. She says I will find out why Vishal cheated me. Charan asks her if she wants food. She says she must find out about Vishal. Sumitra says this has never happened before, he always runs away for Faltu. Savita asks Janardhan what he said. Dadi asks what Ayaan said. Ayaan comes. Janardhan asks Ayaan what’s up, which you can tell your dad about, but not us. Janardhan asks where Tanu and Kanika are.

Kanika says, don’t worry, I won’t leave without knowing the whole truth. Tell me, what justification did Ayaan give for today’s mistake? Ayaan is scolded by her mother. She says I have one child, I didn’t raise her with love, I can’t see anyone making her cry, I thought Ayaan would keep her happy, I regret she didn’t get any happiness. We have to make a decision before she dies.

Janardhan tells Tanu to calm down. She says nothing is more important to me than Tanu’s happiness, so let’s end this marriage and business partnership.

What are you saying, Tanisha? Kanika says don’t get blind in love, you ignored his every mistake, so this is what is happening; he doesn’t care about you at all. Janardhan says I understand, you know this business will collapse if our partnership ends. I appreciate your partnership greatly.

Ayaan looks at Janardhan and wonders why he is hesitant to confess. Kanika asks why Ayaan cancelled his honeymoon plan. Sumitra says she doesn’t know if Ayaan told him anything or not. Janardhan says I think he needs some counsellor’s help. Sid asks what this new drama is about, he seems to be crazy.

Savita asks the counsellor, what are you saying, why would Ayaan go there, there is nothing wrong with him. Janardhan says we are no one to decide this, he just told me the things troubling him, he came to me to get advice, he needs professional help, and a counsellor can help him end the guilt he feels about Faltu.

Janardhan asks her what nonsense. Janardhan asks her to understand, the person who stays guilty all day can’t be happy, and he can’t give happiness to others if he isn’t happy, so he feels guilty that he ruined Faltu’s life, and we won’t be able to comprehend his guilt, he needs a counsellor’s help.

He gets Vishal’s address and contact. He says he has no wife or girlfriend. He gets details of Vishal. Faltu says odd, how did he become coach of the cricket academy? Charan suggests Kanika did it. It can’t be her. Faltu says she has helped me a lot. He asks who it is. She says I have to find out.


Matarani talks to Faltu when he is sad.

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