Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th January 2023 Written Update

Usha tells Sai to relax as Virat will call her once he informs his family of the situation. Sai says she will not wait even for a second after 72 hours have passed. Sai picks up Vinayak’s call, thinking Virat must have told Vinu the truth. Vinu replies he wants to speak to Savi. Sai calls Savi and asks if he wants to talk.

Virat says yes and informs Sai and Savi that his family will be celebrating his victory with a party. Sai feels disappointed and decides to confront Virat alone at Chavan Nivas. When Virat knocks on Pakhi’s room door, he asks to listen to him once. Ashwini asks him to come down because guests have begun to arrive and take him down. Mohit informs that he has arranged for Nagpur’s best DJ.

Then Ashwini asks Harini if she invited Sai, Savi, and Usha to the party. Harini says she forgot. Bhavani says whoever goes against her and invites them must leave. Seeing Sai, Karishma feels excited. Bhavani yells that some people are shameless for visiting without invitation. Sai’s mobile countdown ends. Karishma asks her to reveal a piece of big news.

Virat should tell everyone why she came here and Sai says it’s a piece of good news that he will give himself. It will take Virat some more time to speak with Pakhi before telling everyone. Sai says she has already given him 72 hours and cannot wait any longer.

She warned me even in the morning that I would apologize and ask Sai for forgiveness, so Bhavani asks which truth she is talking about. The Chavan family’s heir, Vinu, who has lived in this house as an adopted child, is her and Virat’s biological son.

When Ninad asks what she means, Sai says Vinu is Ninad’s grandson. Everyone gets happy hearing that. Sai continues to say he is the same Vinu that Pakhi carried for nine months in her womb. Ashwini asks if she means Vinu, who they lost in a bus accident. Sai responds that Vinu is still alive. She asks Virat why he hid such a big truth from them while her grandson was right in front of her eyes.

Virat asks her not to inform Pakhi until he informs Sai about it. Sai agrees and says he hid it from her and lied to her, but fate made her aware of it; she will inform Vinu about it now.

Virat finds his passport on the floor and Pakhi’s passport and clothes missing from her cupboard. He calls Pakhi and finds her phone on her bed. Sai walks back to the living room and asks where Vinu is. Virat informs Ninad that Pakhi is not in her room and that both Vinu and Pakhi’s passports have disappeared.

As the story begins, Sai demands her son from Pakhi. Pakhi points a gun at Sai, threatening her. Sai says she will take back her son at any cost. Pakhi threatens to kill herself. Virat notices that and tries to snatch the gun from her. A bullet hits Sai.

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