Shiv Shakti (Zee) Written Episode Update: 17th September 2023 – Family Drama Unfolds at Rimjhim’s Haldi Ceremony

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Shiv gets ready to attend Rimjhim’s haldi ceremony, Dadi reminds him not to escalate Shakti’s anger any further today. Curious, Nandu inquires about his destination. Shiv responds that he is headed to the ceremony and promptly leaves. Koyal notices how Shiv only talks about Shakti and no one else. Dadi agrees, stating that Shakti has a certain aura that can inspire anyone. Mandira chimes in, pointing out how strange it is that Shiv continues to frequent Shakti’s presence after the scandal. Raghunath shares the same sentiment, worrying about what people might say. However, Dadi dismisses their concerns, asserting that she doesn’t care about others’ opinions as the changes Shakti has brought forth are undeniable.

What made Shiv so happy and looking forward to events? Shiv is changing because of Shakti. Raghunath recalls that. Dadi says the Lord is bringing Shiv to Shakti, so we shouldn’t stop him. Keertan angrily throws the plate and shouts, and I am tired of hearing her name… I am tired of Shiv and Shakti.. like you, people have nothing else to discuss. Anger drives him away. Mandira follows behind him.

Mandira confronts Keertan, expressing her frustration over his actions. She reminds him of her hard work in achieving her position and questions why he allows Shakti to jeopardize it. Keertan dismisses her concerns, claiming she has no position left because of Shakti’s influence. He points out that Mandira has been ineffective in stopping Shakti from gaining support from the family and even got physically assaulted by her twice. Mandira retorts, mentioning how Keertan constantly belittles her and treats her like a loser solely because she is his son. She then slaps him, warning him not to underestimate her and reminding him that she will do whatever it takes to maintain her power as a queen, even if it means sacrificing her children for personal gain.

Whenever Mandira calls Ranjan, she says, “I won’t spare Shakti. She slapped my son, and I want her to pay for it. It should affect Shiv as well as Shakti.” He says yes and ends the call. Then Ranjan sees Shakti in the kitchen and smirks. His brother says she insulted me on Rakhi day, don’t spare her. I didn’t spare her bow, he says. I also got a hint from Mandira so that I won’t spare her bow.

Manorama instructs Ranjan’s family to attend the haldi ceremony. His mother provides a list, clarifying that it includes only close relatives, approximately 40 individuals. Manorama agrees to send out invitations on their behalf. However, Ranjan’s mother reminds her that as they are family, giving them sarees and jewelry as gifts is customary. Feeling overwhelmed, Manorama leaves the room. Shakti expresses his concern about their greediness and the unlawful dowry, yet Ranjan seems to comply with their demands. It is disheartening to see how these people lack any sense of morality by pressuring us for material possessions.

Rimjhim does not deserve Ranjan. Manorama says stop it. She won’t find anyone else, so go and bring tea. Shakti looks on. Ranjan takes a call. Ranjan sees Shakti working in the kitchen and thinks we’ll have our first wedding ritual today. Shakti believes it’s wrong if they’re asking for dowry. As she turns, she sees Ranjan standing there. The smirk on his face makes him look at her.

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