Kumkum Bhagya 21st January 2024 Written Episode: RV and Poorvi’s Wedding Ceremony Unfolds Dramatic Twists

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The Episode begins with RV and Poorvi catching each other’s eye. As RV spots Shaurya, he warmly greets him. Shaurya then introduces his fiancé Shanaya and Palki, who will soon be his wife. The group exchanges congratulations as a lively tune, “Main hun saath tere,” starts playing. RV and Poorvi start dancing together while Prachi, Ranbir, and the rest admire them. Despite their proximity, Prachi and Ranbir do not notice each other. However, both sense the presence of the other and turn just in time to miss seeing each other. Jasbir grows impatient as Ashok wastes time and reminds him that he has to leave for urgent work but assures him that he will return later to bless everyone.

Ashok requests him to leave. Jasbir leaves. Shaurya dances with Shanaya and then with Palki. Shanaya gets upset. RV and Poorvi are still dancing. Ranbir runs to the front and imagines dancing with Prachi. Main phir bhi tumko plays…..His imagination ends. When he calls someone and is heading out, he collides with Prachi, who turns to talk to Harleen. Harleen says let’s get started.

The old man is here, so Jasbir asks the guards to be careful. Tiger says she is in the drum but can’t walk in an unconscious state. Jasbir says he knows no one can walk in an unconscious state. He asks them to take the drum. When Ranbir asks them to stop, he asks where they are taking it.

Shaurya was surprised when RV mentioned that he never thought RV would get married. In response, RV reminded Shaurya of his reputation for always being surrounded by girls. Shaurya took the comment as a compliment and asked how RV knew about his current feelings towards his fiance. RV cautioned Shaurya not to play with someone’s emotions, as it may seem like a game to him but could leave a lasting wound on the other person. Curious, Shaurya asked who he was supposedly in love with. RV replied that Shaurya was neither in love nor committed to anyone; he was fixated on someone or too stubborn to let go. Irritated, Shaurya clarified that the girl he is currently involved with is vital to him. RV cynically stated that there are many deceitful people in the world.

Shaurya declares his love for the elder sister but cannot reveal it to anyone. RV says these elder sisters do not reciprocate our feelings and only complicate our lives. However, Shaurya believes that his love for her is what truly matters. Palki compliments Poorvi on her recent marriage and offers to talk to her if she ever faces any issues. In response, Poorvi shares her concerns about the man Shanaya is marrying, as she senses something off about him. Shanaya then arrives and greets Poorvi, who expresses gratitude for her presence. Feeling uncomfortable, RV leaves upon seeing Poorvi.

We will bring the drum to the guests and sprinkle it on them after Gurumaa has done the water Shuddhikaran. Ranbir asks where the drum is going. Jasbir says to Gurumaa so that she can perform the Shuddhikaran on them. I have never heard of this ritual before, and Ranbir asks them to take off their veils. Jasbir asks him to let them go. In his opinion, Gurumaa is strict and will scold us if we are late. He claps for eunuchs. Ranbir says fine. They leave now.

Poorvi and RV sit for marriage. Diya notices Shaurya smell Palki’s hair and gets shocked. Shaurya watches Diya and leaves. To perform the rounds, Pandit ji asks RV and Poorvi to stand up. Poorvi makes RV wear the garland. Everyone claps. Poorvi then makes RV wear the garland. Kumkum Bhagya plays… RV and Poorvi stare at each other.

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