Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th December 2023 Written Episode: Sahiba’s Startling Revelation Shakes Angad


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To make the accident look like it happened, Garry and his team push Sahiba’s unconscious body from her car’s seat. The car hits a bridge wall. They walk away. As Angad searches for Sahiba, he finds her car. He rushes to her, finds her unconscious, and gets her out of it. As he tries to wake her up, he cries and hugs her. Sahiba opens her eyes and calls his name.

She told him she was fine, but he asked why she went to the Tandem Hotel without informing him, sent the driver away, and drove by herself. He said he would take her to the doctor first. Sahiba said she wasn’t driving this car, Garry got her on the driver’s seat. Angad is shocked and says she is hallucinating due to the head injury. She claims she saw him alive. Angad lifts her and walks toward the car.

Sahiba insists she saw Garry, dismissing any notion of hallucination. Angad, on the other hand, maintains that Garry is no longer alive. However, Sahiba saw through Seerat’s suspicious behavior and followed her to Tandem Hotel, where she indeed found Garry. Angad wonders why Seerat didn’t inform them if she knew about Garry being alive. Sahiba suggests only Seerat can answer that question. In a shocking revelation, Sahiba discloses that “Sunny” was just a facade created by Garry to deceive them into handing over the junoon-e-dil diamond. Notably, even Mannat and Parth were involved in this plan as members of Garry’s team. The plot thickens as Sahiba shares how she woke up in the middle and overheard Garry’s entire scheme to deceive Angad and her.

Angad cannot believe it. Sahiba insists she knows he wouldn’t trust the truth. He is stunned to learn that his brother intends to harm him, despite being happy upon hearing about Garry’s survival. But now, he is heartbroken. Sahiba discloses that Garry is not the sole perpetrator, and a mastermind is behind the plan. This news shocks Angad even more. Without wasting any time, Sahiba suggests they go to the hotel where Garry must still be present. As they head out, Angad notices her forehead bleeding profusely and promptly ties his scarf around her head to stop the bleeding. In the background, the serial’s title track plays on a loop.

Veer is the host of Jasleen and Yash’s engagement ceremony. Seerat believes today is a reason for her to celebrate twice, as her mother-in-law is getting engaged, and she has also been freed from Garry forever. Inder gives Angad a call and wonders why he is running late. Manveer suggests that Sahiba may hold him up like always. Angad drives towards the hotel, disappointed by how Garry plotted against him. Sahiba regrets interfering in the matter despite Angad warning her not to. He thanks her, acknowledging that he uncovered Garry’s truth because of her, and emphasizes that he cannot function without her support.


Sahiba is taken aback by their presence together, and they also spot her. Garry confronts Yash for manipulating him in his schemes. Yash retorts, asserting that he is not oblivious to what’s going on. This unexpected encounter leaves Sahiba stunned.

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