Suhaagan 2nd July 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan 2nd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

As the episode opens, Bindiya tells Dadi that she left studies when she was a child and asks her not to worry, but now she can’t marry. Krish tells Payal to act like a cow, an innocent girl with good values, so that his family will approve of her. He says that his whole family is cool, except his papa. Payal asks him to leave everything up to her. Vikram’s wife makes Indu’s hairstyle. Baldev once called her heroine’s name, but he is now irritated with her.

Despite the fact that you are still beautiful, Vikram’s wife says you are my beautician. Baldev comes there and tells Indu and Vikram’s wife to leave the room for him. Krish touches Indu’s feet. Baldev asks Krish why he is buttering her feet? Krish says he came to talk about their marriage. Baldev gets upset and says he needs to work first. Krish asks what happened, he wanted him to marry until yesterday. Baldev asks him to become something first.

Krish asks Baldev for his opinion, who in turn asks Indu to witness Krish’s brazen words. Krish clarifies that he only wants Baldev’s blessing before getting married. However, Baldev avoids an argument and urges Krish not to force him into a marriage. Claiming a headache, Baldev excuses himself and instructs Ishwar to get the master teacher’s contact information. Meanwhile, Vikram reveals that he spoke to their father about Krish but was reprimanded instead. He adds that their father is unable to appreciate Sakshi’s efforts. Krish praises Vikram’s actions and reminds him that he is Ballu’s son, determined to marry the one he loves and not follow Ballu’s choice.

Upon arriving home, Bindiya immediately contacts Dadi. But she is surprised when Rose informs her that Master ji had come and taken Dadi away. Curious as to where they have gone, Bindiya asks Rose for more information. Meanwhile, Baldev meets Dadi at Master ji’s residence. Complimenting the size of Baldev’s car, Master ji’s wife excuses herself from their conversation. With a sense of urgency, Baldev inquires about Bindiya’s situation and the reason behind her helplessness. After hearing everything from Dadi, Baldev promises to take on all of Bindiya’s responsibilities after their marriage. However, Dadi explains that she will only agree to the marriage if Baldev can make her happy. Once he assures her of this, Dadi agrees to talk to Bindiya about it. As Bindiya arrives at Master ji’s house and notices Ishwar sleeping in his car, she sees Dadi and Baldev deep in conversation. Displeased by whatever they may be discussing, Bindiya interrupts them and voices her disapproval. Sensing tension between the three of them, Dadi asks Baldev to leave so that she can speak with Bindiya alone

When Krishna calls Payal, he asks her to come and impress her family tomorrow at puja. Everyone comes to the hall. Krish’s friend leaves. Baldev says he wants Krish to get married because then he will become understanding and competent. Krish asks when to call. Krish throws the photo of Bindiya to Baldev, who breaks it and throws it on the floor.

Krish says you want to ruin my life. Indu says my son will not marry that villager. Baldev reminds her that some village girl saved him. Krish says he doesn’t remember that incident. Indu asks if she is a diamond. Baldev says you are not suitable for him, no one here is suitable for her, he will not marry an illiterate girl. He says he will not marry her. Bakdev says the girl who risked her life for a stranger is a diamond.


In order to convince Bindiya, Dadi calls Baldev. Krish picks up the call and asks her to stay away from him due to his mental condition. Payal tells Bindiya that unless she marries, she will die.

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