Suhaagan 30th October 2023 Written Episode: Bindiya’s Heroic Act Saves Payal from Fire!


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The episode begins with Krish conversing with Sharma ji about Batra’s thoughts on the quotation. Suddenly, Payal cries out for help. A young boy approaches Bindiya and requests her to put goggles on him, wondering if he looks like a hero. Without hesitation, Bindiya agrees and notices the flames in his goggles. She quickly rushes towards the source of the fire, frantically asking if anyone is trapped inside. A crowd starts to gather as well. Amidst the chaos, Payal calls out for Krish to rescue her. Bindiya spots her and calls out to her with concern, using her nickname “Pallu.” She reassures Payal that she will keep her safe and immediately grabs a nearby blanket from a stall. To make it more effective against the fire, Bindiya heads towards a water source at full speed.

As Krish continues his phone conversation, Bindiya quickly dips the blanket into the canister’s limited water supply. Realizing she doesn’t have much time, she decides against searching for more water and instead covers herself with the blanket before hurrying inside. Despite attempts to stop her, Indu arrives at Ravan Dahan with Sakshi, Nidhi, and Vikram and inquires about Krish’s whereabouts from Baldev. Curious about what happened to Krish, Baldev playfully teases Sakshi as Rose mocks her. Trying to deflect the questions, Sakshi introduces herself as Sakshi Shukla while Baldev jokingly claims he never reveals his destination beforehand.

According to Nidhi, Bindiya is currently absent. Indu wonders if their drama has begun. Dadi assures that they must be present, as Bindiya was previously with them. Suddenly, a boy arrives and delivers distressing news – someone has become trapped in a fire, and Bindiya goes to rescue them. Without hesitation, Bindiya enters the blaze and reassures Payal that she should not fear and run outside for safety. This revelation shocks everyone. Baldev desperately calls for someone to save Bindiya. Indu urges Vikram to check if Krish is also inside. In a panicked state, Vikram yells out for Krish’s name. Payal refuses to leave without Krish and cries out for him as well. Ignoring her peril, Bindiya instructs Payal to jump toward the other side of the flames and promises to protect her from harm by covering her with a blanket.

After ending the call, Krish rushes towards the commotion, where he finds Bindiya embracing Payal. As she cries out for him, Krish realizes he must act quickly to rescue her. Indu turns to Vikram for help, but he reminds her that Bindiya has already gone inside to help Payal. Determined to save her, Krish races towards the scene while Vikram warns him about the villagers attempting to extinguish the fire. However, Bindiya insists on leaving and pushes past them as Payal manages to escape and collapse outside. Frantically trying to open the door, Krish succeeds and faces Payal’s horrified gaze. Meanwhile, Baldev pleads for someone to save Bindiya as she screams in agony from a fallen burning log.

Indu stops Krish, but he refuses to stand by and watch anyone die, especially when Bindiya has risked her life to save Payal. Nidhi rushes to Payal’s side while Krish covers himself with a blanket and enters the burning building. He finds Bindiya, who has fainted and fallen to the ground. Gently lifting her in his arms, he carries her towards safety as Dadi prays for their protection. Indu pleads with God to keep her son safe, promising that she cannot bear even a scratch on him. Finally, Krish emerges from the inferno with Bindiya in his arms. Carefully placing her on the ground, he urges her to open her eyes. Someone quickly brings a bed to the scene as Krish helps Bindiya sit up and tries to revive her. Indu anxiously asks Krish if he is unharmed and if he sustained any injuries during their daring rescue mission.

He says he is fine. Bindiya opens her eyes. Krish hugs her. Payal calls Krish after coming out of shock. Krish asks Bindiya if she is hurt anywhere. Payal asks Krish if he is okay. She touches his hand, and he feels pain. She says you’ve been severely injured. In Phoolmati’s story, Bindiya gets burned on her hand and goes to get a doctor’s opinion. When Payal caught on fire, she called him and said somehow God had rescued him. Dadi says Bindiya saved you.

Bindiya wants to be great and says I called Krish. Why did she jump into the fire? Bindiya says I am surprised you called Krishna ji to save yourself, and says I would have died, but I would not risk his life. Seeing you die was the only way to save me. Krish, Indu, and others look on as Payal says God saved me, not you. Krish asks Payal what you are saying and says you should at least thank Bindiya for saving you.

I felt good when Indiya told me that at least the person who thought I was trying to kill you both believed I had saved you, and Payal called me Rakshak. As Baldev points out, Bindiya is the protector, and there is no proof that she attempted to kill Krish or Payal, but there is proof that she saved Payal. Despite not knowing about that day, Krish tells Bindiya that he is grateful to her for saving his Payal today.


When Bindiya arrives home, Krishna’s jacket and Payal’s dress cloth are on the floor. Payal opens the door and smirks. Bindiya is surprised to see Krish lying on the bed, so she sits in the temple in shock.

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