Anupama 12th December 2023 Written Episode: Family Tensions Rise and Anupama’s Dilemma!

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As Anupama performs the aarti with her fellow companions, she recalls recent events and grows concerned. Seeking to comfort her brother, Anuj, she shares a meaningful look before distributing the aarti to all present. Choti then announces her intention to attend to their puppy friend’s needs, receiving Anupama’s approval. In agreement with Ankush’s belief that animals and birds also embody divinity, Anupama utters a prayer for peace of mind among all beings. Adhik relays Pakhi’s declaration that she will not return, eliciting surprise from Barkha. Anuj suggests that Vanraj should attempt to persuade her otherwise.

Anupama believes Mr. Shah’s spoiled nature hinders his ability to understand her. Barkha shares that her brother will not visit Anupama. She clarifies that if Pakhi is expecting her brother to come, it won’t happen. Anupama apologizes to Adhik and reassures him she is not angry with him. She asks for his help to make Mr. Shah understand. Adhik expresses frustration towards Anupama’s behavior during arguments, where she resorts to shouting and crying. He reminds her that he, too, can be a victim and recounts how she insisted he go to her instead of the other way around.

He urges her to provide guidance and instruction on the course of action, mentioning that he will handle all the office tasks, fulfill her requests, endure her outbursts, and maintain our marriage. He emphasizes that he is the only one trying to salvage their relationship. He shares that she first made a fuss about becoming a mother and has instigated another argument. He expresses his frustration with her unnecessary shopping habits and how she constantly complains about the credit card limit. Furthermore, he mentions her disapproval of his interactions with Dimpy and why he gave her a gift for Raksha Bandhan. Barkha acknowledges that Adhik and Pakhi have made mistakes, but Adhik has improved, while Pakhi has not put in any effort. Adhik declares that he will no longer make compromises, and if Pakhi asks for a divorce, he will agree. This revelation leaves everyone in shock. Anupama worries that this may be just the beginning of their problems.

In a flash, Pakhi gives Vanraj tea and sits. Suddenly, Kinjal. Toshu and Pari appear. Pakhi runs and hugs them. Kavya also hugs Kinjal. They take their elders’ blessings. Vanraj says Dadu missed you so much, Pari. He asks why you came so suddenly. Kinjal says Daddy had a heart attack three days ago. Toshu says we took two days to get here. Babu ji asks why you didn’t tell us we were here.

You people have become English and did not tell, Baa says. Kavya asks how he’s doing? Kinjal says we met him in the hospital before coming here. Baa wonders why Rakhi didn’t tell us. Toshu says she was worried and doing all the work independently. As you weren’t here, Baa tells us that you’ll leave in four days since you’re here. Kinjal hugs Baa. Dimpy says her mother will be thrilled. Babu ji says I’ll call her, but Vanraj stops him.

Anupama meets her mother, Kanta, and shares how exhausted she feels. She updates her about Vanraj’s recent conversation. Curious, Kanta questions Anupama about her involvement in the Shah household. She reminds Anupama of her close bond with Hasmukh bhai and Leela but wonders why she feels responsible for others. Kanta points out that Anupama’s daughter is disrespectful, yet she chooses to keep her at home. She also mentions Vanraj’s arrogance and how Anupama still cares for him. Kanta expresses concern over Anupama’s care for Kavya, who has destroyed their home and even brings up Anupama’s shrewd ex-mother-in-law. She warns that if Anupama keeps fighting for everyone else, who will fight for her?

She voices her disappointment in Pakhi and Toshu’s lack of usefulness. Mentioning that she has been kept at home while Toshu fails to comprehend the situation. She suggests focusing on Anuj and Choti as she settles into a daydream. Anupama expresses uncertainty about letting go of her role as a mother. Kanta reminds her that their children are no longer young and that they do not rely on them anymore. She advises Anupama to prioritize her husband and Choti instead. However, Anupama mentions that Baa is unwell. Kanta cynically remarks that everyone in the household is cunning, praising and blaming you.

He informs Vanraj that Anupama is Toshu’s mother. Toshu and Kinjal can visit her, but she can’t come here. Babu ji says he is insulting his house Lakshmi in the right way. Vanraj leaves. Kavya says Vanraj has messed up with Anupama. Anupama claims she wasn’t close to Pakhi and Toshu but was close to Samar, who left her. Kanta says she went through the same phase. She says we are still living the life, even after Samar left. Anupama receives a call.

It takes Kinjal a long time to get Pari to eat food. She asks Toshu to make her eat food. Toshu says he is tired. Kinjal says she has come on the same flight and is emotionally drained due to Papa’s illness. To eat, she asks him to give her the phone. As Baa approaches, Kinjal gives Pari the phone. She says Pari will not have box food. She asks why they are upset they don’t have time for their daughter after running behind money.

Anupama has brought gifts for Kinjal, Toshu, and Pari because they are coming to meet her. Anuj says she has so much stuff. Malti Devi and Choti watch. Malti Devi provokes Choti by saying Pari is her son’s daughter. She asks Choti what she brought for her, so Choti goes there. Anupama says you missed Pari; she is coming now. Choti asks what you have got for me since you have forgotten me. Anupama watches.


Choti watches as Anupama tells Anuj that she will go to Shah house for Pari’s birthday. Anuj says you will go. Anupama says blood relations do not end.

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