Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 13th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 13th June 2023 Written Update on

When Rani Maa hears the maids, Maan and Raghu see Shiv sleeping on Surilii’s lap. Maan says we should wake Shiv up before Mum sees him. Rani Maa responds, “It is useless to hide anything from me, I know everything, just look at what happened when I wasn’t in control.”.

She requests Ambitai to uphold the rules consistently for everyone and to ensure timely food service.. Surilii smiles and greets Shiv. Shiv replies, good morning, thanks for the good sleep. He asks her to come, they have to eat breakfast. She says I will make something. He says we are in the palace. They come for breakfast. Rani Maa looks on. Sam jokes on Shiv. Shiv mentions, “We will freshen up and join you.” Shiv and Surilii depart.

Surilii is assured that Shiv can persuade Rani Maa. They go to breakfast and apologize to everyone. Rani Maa stops Shiv and says I was waiting for you, let me clarify, you will sit that side and Raghu will sit here with me. Raghu, Maan and Sam are surprised.

Surilii is argued over with Shiv as Ragu sits on Shiv’s chair. Shiv and Rani Maa argue over Surilii. It’s not important to me, Rani Maa says, I’ve seen your game before, and I’m tired of your changing toys, Surilii doesn’t know our customs, she didn’t wear a marriage sign, and you call her your wife.

Despite scolding them, Suriilii says she will go get the mangalsutra. Shiv stops her, saying we got married, so no one has to prove anyone. She says your brothers are following you, so it’s important to take back your imp rights, otherwise, no one will care about our traditions, I will run the palace and business in my hands, Shiv won’t be the signing authority from now on, I will sign the business deals.

I want Raghu to verify the business papers, you have signed the contract with Samar and shown your smarts, I will stamp it. Shiv says she has no time, I forgot. She says Surilii is my wife, don’t talk badly to her. She says I don’t accept this marriage;

Next week there will be a marriage in this palace. She says her sons won’t touch the food right now. She leaves. Shiv says he is proud of Raghu. He congratulates Raghu and hugs him.

Raghu thanks him. Maan and Sam congratulate Raghu. Sam says you are addicted to business, just as we are addicted to games. Maan says we can’t wish you before Shiv does because he is the eldest. Surilii also congratulates Raghu. Shiv says I will process the takeover papers. Raghu says don’t take tension. Shiv expresses, “I understand you can handle it, but I want to handle this myself.” Raghu agrees, saying, “Alright.”

Shiv continues, “Samar’s deal isn’t straightforward; there are certain missing pieces. We are a bigger player in the business, and we have the right to question Samar.” Raghu advises, “Take it easy, you’re carrying too much burden.” Shiv responds, “Consider Surilii’s well-being rather than this deal. Mom mentioned that it’s going to be a headache from now on.”

He leaves. Rani Maa comes to meet Hari and Madhu. Swati greets them. Shiv says I think Samar is wrong. Raghu says don’t worry about business, I’ll see, you take care of Surilii. I have come to talk to you, you should not have done that drama last night, I understand why you did it, I find some of your words true, I have promised you to get my son married to Swati, breaking that promise would be a sin.

The servants get the Shagun and keep it. Rani Maa says I have come to decide the marriage date. Madhu asks if this is a joke, did you break Shiv’s marriage, or did you want Swati to be her second wife? Swati says I told her, Surilii can’t be my bahu. She stops her. I have chosen my bahu, Shagun, and I will marry you to Raghu, not Shiv.


Samar and Raghu play chess. Surilii shows her family the palace. Rani Maa taunts her as an outsider.


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