Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in.

Ranbir regains consciousness briefly but quickly loses consciousness again, causing concern among the goons. One of the goons asks his companion if he can hold Ranbir steady. Spotting a van nearby, they carefully place Ranbir inside and drive away. Meanwhile, the marriage ceremony is underway.

Dadi remarks that even Prachi desired to marry Akshay and advises her to learn to find happiness. Shahana urges Dadi not to make assumptions and asserts that their bond is unbroken.

Dadi expresses her belief that Prachi is unfortunate to have two sisters: Rhea, who seeks her destruction, and Shahana, who seems determined to lead her into misery. She encourages Shahana to wipe away her tears and accompany her.

Vishaka and Akshay’s mother steps forward, both claiming the right to tie the sacred thread (ghatbandhan). Vishaka announces her intention to perform the ritual, while Akshay’s mother insists that the pandit instructed her to do so.

Ashok says Didi is more than Akshay’s mother and should tie the ghatbandhan. Vishaka then ties the ghatbandhan. Akshay’s sister sits at the airport and calls him. He talks to her. Nethra asks if the wedding rituals have begun. Akshay says yes. Nethra tells the goon that she is at the airport and will get there before Mahurat. The goon calls Aaliya, but she doesn’t answer. Ranbir regains consciousness but pretends to be unconscious. He recalls how he got here, and thinks about how to get away, perhaps I can stop Prachi’s wedding.

The pandit instructs them to place the ingredients in the sacred fire (havan kund). Akshay inquires if they can do it later, but the pandit insists that it must be done now. Prachi starts coughing, causing concern. Akshay asks Prachi to stand up and requests Shahana to take her to the room. He acknowledges that there is a problem with the puja ingredients. The pandit ponders if even the divine powers are against this marriage. Ashok and Dadi decide to escort all the guests away. Akshay assures the pandit that he means no disrespect whatsoever.

In the restaurant, the goons feel hungry and decide to eat. After getting down, they remove Ranbir’s shoes and place the mesh in front of the van’s door. They then connect the wire to the car so that if Ranbir tries to escape, he will be electrocuted. Just as the goon suggests going for food, Ranbir opens the door and notices a glimmering rod stuck in the mesh, exposing the goon’s plan.

Meanwhile, Rhea participates in the havan ritual and utters “swaha” as she offers something to the sacred fire. At that moment, Pallavi, Vikram, and Dida arrive. Pallavi assures Rhea that she understands the pain she is hiding within the havan, and expresses her love and care for her. Making a promise to Rhea, Pallavi declares that she will never abandon her, and states that no one will accept Prachi. If by chance they do accept Prachi, Pallavi vows to leave with Rhea.

She asks Prachi to drink water, even though she is coughing. Shahana says she will get water. Prachi refuses, saying she had gone to Ranbir’s house.

She says she saw him and felt as if he had come here, otherwise, it would be my illusion, so I felt or saw him. Prachi says even I felt his presence here, but no…if he had been here, he would have met me. Shahana remarks that he should have halted your wedding in the first place. Prachi suddenly gets hiccups.

Shahana goes to fetch some water. Ranbir arrives and places his hand on Prachi’s shoulder. When Prachi sees him, she is delighted and asks where he was. He says he doesn’t care where he was, but now he is with her, and that’s what matters. The song starts…He wipes her tears. Prachi smiles and becomes emotional.


He says he won’t let her marry someone else. Prachi asks how she would know how much he loves her if I hadn’t done this. Ranbir says he loves her a lot. Prachi hugs him. Akshay looks on.

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