Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 19th April 2023

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2023 on

As the episode starts, Abhinav says please come. We will all wait, especially your junior. Abhimanyu thinks. Akshara calls Abhinav. He comes home. Akshara asks if he has any important work to do. He nods. She asks if it’s done. Dadi asks them to come to puja. Kairav gets Abhir. Pandit asks Akshara to take an oath to complete the puja with all the rituals. Akshara takes an oath. Abhinav takes an oath to complete the puja according to the rituals. Abhimanyu checks the patients. Akshara prays to Kanha ji.

Abhinav thinks this puja should be true, Abhimanyu is his dad, he should tie this thread. The pandit says that the father will tie a thread to Abhir’s hand now and complete the puja. As Abhinav turns to see, Akshara says that there is no one behind, just you will tie the thread to Abhir’s hand. She asks Abhir to come.

Seeing how Abhinav rushed to Abhimanyu, Surekha says they are meeting like father and son, not doctor and patient. Abhinav sits thinking. Pandit asks him to tie the thread. Abhir says, doc man…. Abhimanyu waves to him. Abhir runs and hugs him. Kairav asks why he came here. Surekha says they are meeting like father and son, not doctor and patient.

Abhinav signs Akshara. Dadi asks her to shut up. Muskaan says please, puja is on, there will be drama. He says you know what drama will happen. She says Abhir is going to the US, he will not be around Abhimanyu. Surekha sees Muskaan holding Kairav’s hand and murmurs.

Abhir asks did you come for puja, doc man. Abhinav says he came for you, I couldn’t tie this thread to you. Abhimanyu says sorry, please continue the puja. Abhir says yes, tie the thread. Akshara thinks Abhinav you are Abhir’s dad, and this should be done by your hands, just Abhinav has the right to do this.

Abhinav ties the thread and struggles with the knot. Abhir says it’s a simple knot, tie it quickly. Abhinav says Abhimanyu help me. Abhimanyu sits and ties the knot. Akshara cries. Surekha says it’s a debacle, the thread should have been tied by Father. She says it’s about rituals. Abhir says love and relationships are the most important rituals. Pandit says the puja is complete. Abhimanyu leaves.

Manish asks what happened. Kairav says it’s fine. Muskaan says Akshara and Abhinav may argue. Abhir asks why doc man left. Akshara cries in her room. Abhinav comes. She scolds him. She asks why you aren’t supporting me, we can’t stay without Abhir, if anyone snatches him, please leave me alone. After giving her a glass of water, Abhinav leaves.

In a café, Abhinav orders a cocktail drink. Abhimanyu drinks and recalls Surekha’s words. Abhinav drinks and finds the taste bitter. They drink a lot and request more drinks. They ask for pens and notepads. Abhimanyu writes an emotional letter for Abhir. Abhinav writes a letter for Akshara. He thinks he will never know Abhir is his son. Abhimanyu thinks that I will take good care of him and have healthy food for him.

After folding the letters, they think of how to reach Abhir and joke. They get up and hug each other. The papers fall. Abhinav picks one up and gives it to Abhimanyu, who opens it and sees Akshara’s name.


When Abhimanyu sees Abhir’s birth certificate, he is shocked. He runs to Akshara. He asks why we are going to America. Akshara says an angel doctor will make you fine. She scolds Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says you have no right to keep a child away from his father.

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