Suhaagan 2nd November 2023 Written Episode: Bindiya’s Heartache and Payal’s Deception Unveiled


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The episode begins with Bindiya, who is visibly upset, sitting in the temple. As she sits there, Krish and Payal arrive. Baldev remarks that the shameless king has arrived. Krish expresses his confusion over the situation and admits to not having an explanation for it. Baldev points out that some sins have no justification. Indu chimes in, stating that all the drama took place in their household, and Bindiya is now stuck to them like a piece of gum while calling Krish and Payal shameless. Sakshi expresses her disgust, to which Indu adds that Bindiya should leave their path as Payal is now indeed Krish’s wife. Payal smiles at Krish lovingly.

Tears stream down Bindiya’s face; she sits in the temple, lost in thoughts of Krish and their memories. Payal and Krish enter, announced by Baldev as the “shameless king.” Krish is confused about the situation and is at a loss for words. Baldev reminds them that there is no excuse for their actions. Indu interjects, stating that all this drama has caused chaos in their home and Bindiya is like a burden sticking to them. Sakshi looks on with disgust while Indu suggests that Bindiya should leave their lives now that Payal has officially become Krish’s wife. With a smile, Payal gazes at Krish while Bindiya continues to cry, reminiscing on their past moments together.

She thinks of their moments and runs from there. Krish is about to go behind her, but Payal holds his hand and asks him to leave Bindiya on her condition. Krish says not today. The Chadariya song plays….Bindiya recalls seeing them together. She throws stuff on the bed and shouts no. Then she recalls Indu telling her that Payal has become Krish’s wife.

Krish and Bindiya stand together as she gazes at him and her photo frame. He requests for her to dispose of it, acknowledging that her anger is valid and he does not feel the need to justify himself, but he still wants her to listen to him. Bindiya points out that this is what Krish desired in the first place. Krish admits that he has no regrets because of his love for Payal, but he feels remorseful about how it all unfolded and the situation they are currently in. Bindiya reassures him that there is no need to feel ashamed. Krish explained that he could not clarify due to his memory loss. However, he firmly believes that love is essential for a successful relationship. He acknowledges Bindiya’s pain and expresses his desire for her not to be hurt. He also clarifies that he will not engage in any arguments or conflicts with her but pleads for her to at least leave for Ambe Maa’s temple, if not for him.

Bindiya asks Payal if she has changed her mind. She says your sister won’t let you stay here. She shows her video in which she is on Krish, and tells her that it is her suhaag raat video, and tells her to be ashamed of watching it, and says she didn’t want to show her video to her, but she did it so that she left. As she recalls Krish’s words, Bindiya feels ashamed of them.

Nidhi discusses her gynaec appointment when Payal arrives, introduces herself, and shares her contact information. Nidhi expresses gratitude and compliments Krish’s good taste. She suddenly becomes nauseous and leaves. Payal thinks that Nidhi is naive, believing she is loyal to her sister despite her plans to betray her. She remembers kissing Krish and reapplying lipstick before kissing him again, teasing him for being naughty. Payal remains confident that her efforts will pay off in the end. Bindiya inquires Gagan about what happened earlier.

It is reported that Payal drove the car home, got Krishna down, and supported him as he walked. As Indu explains to Krish, he has crossed limits with a stranger girl, and it is wrong. She realizes that Payal is hiding the truth and Krish has no conscience. He says that he loves her. When Payal arrives, she says that she is inauspicious that her sister has become suhaagan and that Krish regrets their wedding night now.

Krish inquires about what is being said and expresses his desire for Bindiya’s six months to pass before beginning their life together. Payal pretends to cry, causing Krish to reassure her that he does not think badly of her. Indu expresses confusion over who Krish’s faithful wife is. Mr. Chopra arrives with some news, prompting Indu to ask if it will have any impact. Sakshi questions the necessity of paying 10 lakhs for this, stating that the consequences could result in jail time. Chopra inquires about Bindiya’s mental state, to which Payal responds that she is still in shock. Chopra comments that this is a positive sign and assures Bindiya that he will not speak ill of her but rather in her favor.


Bindya says tomorrow will bring a new ray of hope, and no one can steal my husband.

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