Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th November 2023: Tara’s Health Crisis Shakes Kunal and Vandana

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode commences with Kunal spotting Tara, who prompts him to rise. However, he suddenly loses consciousness. Meanwhile, Vandana hears the loud music and reaches out to Kunal, only for Tara to answer the call. Concerned about the noise, Vandana questions Tara before realizing she is unwell and rushes to Kunal’s place. Upon seeing both collapsed on the floor, she inquires about their condition and urges Kunal to get up. Puzzled by his sudden illness, she then reassures him that she will take care of everything. In a spontaneous decision, Kunal picks up Tara and flees barefoot on the streets until they finally reach a hospital with Vandana’s help. The emotional song “Meri Maa” plays in the background as they go to safety.

Vedika pours water on Kunal’s face and urges him to wake up. Tara is currently in the hospital and not doing well. Upon hearing this, Kunal asks for clarification. Vandana, seeing Tara’s state, breaks down in tears. Despite all this, Vijay calls Vandana and encourages her to stay strong. However, Vandana can’t help but express her distress over Tara’s condition, mentioning a possible allergic reaction to peanut butter as a cause. Vijay advises her to remain calm. But Vandana remains inconsolable, stating that she can’t bear to see her daughter in such a state. Upon seeing Tara, Kunal arrives at the hospital and stumbles but is quickly steadied by Vandana’s support. Vedika explains that they weren’t present when the incident occurred; instead, Kunal was home and had been drinking heavily, rendering him unconscious.

Kunal becomes sad. The doctor says Tara is stable. You got her on time; if you were 10 minutes late, her life would have been in danger. Kunal asks if she’s safe now. The doctor says she has a medical condition. Kunal asks what the condition is. Vandana says she has allergies. After scanning and tests, the doctor says we discovered a hole in her heart. They are shocked.

The doctor mentions that sometimes the condition can heal on its own, while further treatment is necessary in other cases. He advises the parents to do their best to prevent their daughter from experiencing a big shock and encourages them to provide her with reasons to be happy. He also asks if they have recently checked on her and questions why they seem shocked, reminding them they are her parents. Vandana clarifies that Kunal is Tara’s father, but she is not present as they are no longer together. The doctor instructs them to reach out to Tara’s mother for any tests and reports, as it is a serious matter, and they would have regretted not doing so if something unfortunate had happened. After the doctor leaves, Vandana tries to get Sonia on the phone for Tara’s reports while Kunal asks how they will obtain them. Vedika scolds him for his lack of concern.

There is no denying that you are Tara’s dad, and you have to decide whether you want to be a good or a bad dad. Kunal sees Tara and says I’m sorry. He tears up. Vandana holds him.

He apologizes and expresses gratitude for saving Tara’s life. Vandana assures him that everything will be okay despite the unfortunate incident that brought Tara’s heart condition to light. As she receives a call from Sonia, Kunal suggests putting it on speaker. Sonia urgently asks about Tara’s condition as she has been admitted to the hospital. Vandana explains that she had an allergic reaction after consuming peanut butter but reassures everyone that the doctors have confirmed her recovery. Inder inquires about the doctor’s prognosis, to which Vandana responds positively. However, they must leave as soon as their flight approaches, and they don’t want to miss it. Sonia regrets not being able to stay longer, but Vandana reminds her that, as Tara’s mother, she should be present at the hospital. Despite wanting to be there for her daughter, Sonia explains that they cannot risk missing their flight and promises to visit Tara once they return.

Kunal inquires why Sonia didn’t mention the existence of a hole in their daughter’s heart. Sonia laments that she didn’t know what to say, as Kunal didn’t believe that Tara was his daughter. Things escalate between them, and Sonia reveals that Inder used to take Tara for regular checkups. Kunal questions who Inder is and asserts that he is Tara’s father, and Sonia should have informed him. However, Vandana interjects, reminding them to focus on more important matters, such as whether they can attend the upcoming appointment. Sonia declined, and Vandana understood, suggesting that she at least send over the latest test reports. But Sonia explained that the reports were not on her phone and that she would try to obtain them. This statement reminds Kunal that she said she couldn’t send them earlier. As they start to argue again, Vandana intervenes and asks them to save it for later. Meanwhile, Sonia becomes emotional, and Inder comforts her when a nurse requests someone to fill out forms. Vedika leaves the room as Kunal and Vandana cry together.


Vandana says you will be with her. Tara asks Kunal to promise he won’t take her away from Vandana. Kunal promises to keep Tara happy.

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