Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Abhimanyu and Aarohi are engaged

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

YRKKH 25th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Akshara turns and looks at Abhinav and realises that he too is watching her Abhinav tells her that she always looks good but today she is looking extra special he hopes that she is not that he is not dreaming she tells him she has worn his favourite saree

Nishta comes to Aarohi and tells her that her face is glowing with hope its due to the impending engagement. Just then Aarohi gets a call from the hospital Surekha takes the phone from our hand and tells her not to attend any phone calls today because it’s her engagement.

Everyone is excitedly preparing for the engagement.

Kairav fixes a meeting for the night.  Muskaan comes to him to ask him for the scarf that her grandma has sent but Kairav cannot find it.  Muskaan is very upset.  Kairav says it’s just a scarf and there is no big issue.  She replies saying he does not understand the emotions behind the scarf.  Her grandma had sent it to her with her love.  She says he does not understand the value of feelings.  He does not understand feelings at all because he only understands anger.  He promises to get the scarf by evening.

Abhinav transfers the house to Akshara ahead of the Pooja.

Akshara is getting ready for the pooja at home. Abhinav is not to be seen anywhere.  Akshara tries calling him but his phone is at home.  She hopes Abhinav does not have any doubts and left the house.  She is angry because he has gone out without informing anyone.  Just then he enters the hose with a smile on his face.  Akshara asks him where he had gone.  He hands her some documents.  He reminds her that they had mortgaged their house to take a business loan.  He tells her that he has paid all the instalments and now the house is theirs.  Akshara is thrilled.  Neela Amma congratulates him and wishes him luck. Abhinav asks her to check the papers.  She opens the documents and sees that the house has been transferred in her name.  Akshara gets emotional.  Abhinav says at one time he would sleep in the car because he never felt like coming to the house.  She came into his life and made the house their home.  She has more rights over the house than him.  She deserves this.  

The Birla and Goenka family are all set for the engagement.  Manish and Surekha bring Aarohi down to the room.  Manjiri wishes that Aarohi’s life is as beautiful as she looks today.  Suvarka goes to Mahima to enquire about Parth.  Mahima replies that he had some work and had to go out of town.  

Abhimanyu goes on the stage.  Aarohi looks at him.  Abhimanyu stretches his hand to help her climb on the stage.  Muskaan says Abhimanyu and Aarohi look so nice together as a couple.  She says both of them have a good bonding and respect for each other.  Suvarna replies that for good bonding there are friends and for respect, we have our elders.  For marriage we need love and there is no love between the two.  Suhasini looks at her and asks her to keep quiet. 

Akshara comes out with a plateful of flowers for the pooja and bumps into Abhinav.  The flowers are all thrown up in the air.  The song Dhadakta bhi hain, Tadapta bhi hain plays in the background. 

Kyu milti hai nazar

Kyu hota hain asar ….. Na tum jaano na hum

It’s mahurat time and Akshara and Abhinav start the pooja.  She pooja starts with some marriage rituals.  Abhinav gets emotional when pandit ji gives him a red dupatta to put on Akshara.  He then puts the mangal sutra. 

Abhimanyu pauses for a few moments with the ring in his hand.  He tells Aarohi that he promises to always respect her and be at her side. He then puts the ring on her finger.  Aarohi is thinking for a some minutes with the ring in her hand.


Abhimanyu is worried about Abhir’s health when he gets a voice note from Abhir that he has a football match.
Abhinav and Akshara are cheering Abhir after he wins the maths.  Suddenly Abhir faints.

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