Faltu 22nd January Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Throughout the episode, Charan begs the doctor to fix Rajjo’s eyes. He says I can’t see her dreams left unfulfilled; I’m sure someone here can make a difference. The doctor says I will speak with foreign donors and try to convince them, he will call you.

After seeing the temple video, Tanisha asks where is the other video. Sid says maybe the phone battery died during recording, so all the hard work went to waste. Faltu has made me mad. He says calm down, I’m trying, we’ll find out something, Ayaan doesn’t remember anything, but Faltu knows. She asks why she won’t tell us. He says we’ll find the truth. She says Ayaan and me won’t start a relationship. Sid thinks once you know the truth, you won’t marry Ayaan, I’ll wipe your tears.

The girl says a new outlet of JM Mart is opening, you can work there, they pay well and offer food. Charan says we started our own business now, we don’t want this work. The man asks him to think once. Faltu remembers Ayaan. Sid’s aide calls him. He tells him everything. Sid says it’s good news.

Dr. Malhotra gets a message and says we will meet soon. Ayaan sleeps and Tanisha thinks he’s tired, Faltu came between us, but this won’t last for long, I’ll figure out the truth, and I’ll get rid of Faltu. Ayaan wakes up. He feels sorry for acting asleep. He thinks of Faltu. It’s morning. Pratap gets tea for Charan and Faltu. A girl asks them to meet the doctor, he’s ready to treat Faltu. Charan gets happy. Sid and Tanisha meet Dr. Malhotra. Sid asks the doctor to treat Faltu. If you do the lie detector test, you will get the money; I’m not asking you to kill anyone, just answer some questions.

Tanisha says you need to find a way to convince her family. Nurse says Faltu and her family have arrived. Tanisha says we can’t see them. Sid says take us where we can see the test happening, and keep the phone on, we want to hear everything. Doctor asks nurse to take them to Faltu and family. Doctor says Donor is ready to pay for Faltu’s treatment, but we have to do a psychology test, and we’ll ask you some questions, and you have to answer them right, then we’ll do the operation.

Faltu asks who the donor is, is he Ayaan. Doctor says no, donor requested confidentiality. He asks Charan and Pratap to stay outside, otherwise the assessment could be done poorly. Charan asks doctor to take Faltu.

Ayaan says what am I doing with Tanisha, I’ll take her to lunch today and her mood should improve. Suhana asks him to join her for breakfast. He asks if Tanisha ate breakfast. He asks what imp work she has, is Sid playing any games. He calls Tanisha. He says why isn’t she answering. Doctor makes Faltu sit and says I will ask a few questions.

She asks why you are tying me. She says it’s a test. She asks what’s this test. He says we will find out the tumour size. The previous doctor didn’t tie me to the chair. Each test is different, so you just relax and say yes or no. She says yes. He asks is your name Faltu Singh. She says yes. He asks if you told anyone you lost your sight. She says no. He asks how you lost your sight.

Sid thinks she got caught now after she took Ayaan’s name. She asks what’s this question about. Doctor says it’s related, I have to find out what your mental state is. Doctor asks her to sit, he will go to Charan. He says this plan failed. Sid asks him to think of another way. She pulls the plugs off and says I won’t answer anything. She calls out to Charan.

Doctor says there’s a way, you’ll get all your answers. Tanisha asks if it’s possible. Doctor says don’t worry, it’s tough but it’s possible.


Tanisha cries as the doctor asks Ayaan who filled sindoor in her maang. Faltu answers Ayaan.

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