Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

In this episode, Ranbir decides to serve tea and snacks to the ladies and encourages them to enjoy and get mehendi applied on their hands. Divya and Neha comment on Mihika being lucky to have Ranbir. Ranbir personally brings tea for the ladies. Vishaka mentions that it is Prachi’s fast. Ranbir asks Vishaka to explain the significance of the Teej fast. Vishaka provides a brief explanation, stating that the fast involves performing Shiv and Parvati’s puja and praying for their husbands or future husbands, similar to how Mihika is praying for her future husband. Mihika becomes upset and leaves the gathering, leaving everyone suspicious. Ranbir follows her and asks if she is alright and why she left abruptly. He shows concern for her well-being.

Meanwhile, Prachi tries to open a door with mehendi on her hands and struggles. Akshay comes to her aid and opens the door for her. Mihika expresses her disapproval to Ranbir, stating that she shouldn’t participate in the ritual as it is meant for her real future husband. Ranbir questions whether he should leave if she doesn’t want to participate. Prachi confides in Akshay that they cannot partake in the ritual since they are not married. Ranbir ponders his next move if Mihika doesn’t want to participate. Mihika reiterates that they dislike each other and should skip the ritual. Akshay advises Prachi not to worry, while Ranbir assures her that they will come up with a solution. Akshay and Prachi agree to pretend to perform the ritual. Mihika breathes a sigh of relief as the solution is reached. Prachi expresses her gratitude to Akshay, recognizing the significance of their decision. Manpreet summons Prachi to the kitchen to stir the sweet dish. Prachi complies and heads to the kitchen, where Akshay is also present.

Ranbir and Mihika enter the kitchen as well. Mihika informs Manpreet that Ranbir wants juice. Ranbir prepares to pick up the tray when Prachi asks if he wants all the glasses. Ranbir confidently states that he will take whatever he wants without permission, asserting that he is doing it for everyone. Manpreet shows Mihika Prachi’s mehendi. Mihika asks Ranbir to take a look, to which Ranbir comments that the color is dull and questions why Akshay doesn’t love her. He suggests that if Akshay truly loves her, he should be able to identify her emotions, particularly her recent sadness. Prachi interjects, defending her husband and asserting that Ranbir cannot speak to him that way. Ranbir argues that according to tradition, a husband’s love is reflected in the color of his wife’s mehendi, implying that Akshay doesn’t love Prachi. He asks Prachi why her husband doesn’t love her and demands an answer. Prachi engages in a heated argument, refusing to accept Ranbir’s assumptions. Akshay intervenes, urging them not to escalate the situation, and advises Prachi to let it go. Ranbir questions what love means in their context. Akshay responds with “doubt,” to which Ranbir interprets as Prachi’s deep love for her husband. Prachi clarifies the distinction between doubt and accusation, emphasizing the importance of respect. Ranbir concludes that understanding is crucial in a relationship and acknowledges that accusations may arise in moments of anger. Prachi disagrees and highlights the significance of trust and respect. Akshay contemplates why Prachi doesn’t love him despite her caring nature. Ranbir chooses not to answer, aware that their argument could intensify. Mihika urges Prachi to let it go, while Manpreet remarks on the intensity of their conversation. Ranbir states that he is thankful to have Mihika in his life, as they never fight, and he leaves the kitchen with her. Akshay looks at Prachi before leaving as well.

Manpreet instructs Prachi to stir the sweets and distribute them to everyone. Prachi heads back to her room. Akshay expresses his discontent with the situation, and Prachi regrets not standing up to Ranbir. Akshay reassures her, asking if she trusts him. Prachi acknowledges the positive impact Akshay has had on her life, particularly in bringing her daughter into her life. However, she confesses that she loves him as a friend and not romantically. Akshay acknowledges that he made her uncomfortable and reiterates his unwavering love for her, stating that his feelings have only grown stronger. Vishaka overhears their conversation and is shocked. Prachi emphasizes her care for him but emphasizes the absence of romantic love. They part ways with mixed emotions.

Ranbir enters the kitchen, only to find that Prachi is no longer there. Mihika joins him, and Manpreet comments on his shamelessness. Ranbir expresses his genuine curiosity about their love story, prompting Manpreet to share a lighthearted incident involving her being called cute by Ashok. Mihika teases Ranbir for his charm and wonders how anyone could reject him. Ranbir assures her not to worry and affirms his determination to win Prachi back since he has found her here.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir that he was lucky to have her in his life, claiming that she was the best. Ranbir questions why they separated if she was the best.

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