Kumkum Bhagya 1st July 2023 Written Update

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The episode begins with Mihika driving her car and recalling Akshay’s words. Accidentally, she hits a biker, who turns out to be Ranbir. Ranbir halts his motorcycle in front of her car, takes off his helmet, and wipes the sweat from his forehead. He approaches Mihika, raising concerns about her driving skills and her attentiveness on the road. Mihika immediately identifies him as the “Mr Stranger” and requests his assistance in reaching Greater Kailash. Ranbir consents and Mihika settles herself on the backseat of his bike.

Meanwhile, Prachi talks to Akshay, expressing her disagreement with judging Mihika based on her past. Akshay explains that he is concerned for Mihika’s well-being due to her past, which even caused their father to have a heart attack. Prachi suggests they pray for Mihika’s happiness and hope that everything turns out well for her.

Mihika reaches Micky’s house, and the servant informs her that Micky has gone to Shiv Shakti Marriage Hall to get married. This news shocks Mihika as Micky had assured her that he would come to her house for discussions about their marriage. Ranbir overhears their conversation and informs Mihika about Micky’s wedding. Filled with determination, Mihika asks Ranbir to take her to the marriage hall so she can confront him.

At the wedding venue, Mihika witnesses Micky getting married to someone else. Devastated, she rushes towards the mandap and interrupts the ceremony, revealing their relationship and how she had informed Micky’s sister-in-law about their love. Micky forcefully removes her from the mandap and pushes her away. Ranbir comes to her rescue and holds her. Mihika leaves with Ranbir, dropping her phone in the process while contemplating Akshay’s words.

Ranbir stops his bike and picks up Mihika’s phone from the road. He notices a call from Mihika’s sister-in-law (bhabhi) and informs Mihika about it. Mihika rushes away, and Ranbir tries to respond to the call, mentioning that Mihika’s Nanand (sister-in-law) is strange. However, Prachi on the other end couldn’t hear him clearly and called out to Mihika. Ranbir attempts to find network reception but fails.

Meanwhile, Vishaka arrives and informs Prachi that neither Mihika nor Ranbir has come home. Ranbir manages to hear Vishaka’s words and assures her that he will bring Mihika back home. Mihika reaches a point of desperation and contemplates jumping down, but Ranbir saves her and questions her sanity. Mihika confesses that she considers herself a curse to her family and wishes to die in order to protect them.

Ranbir assures her that no daughter is inauspicious and emphasizes the significance of having daughters. He believes that Mihika’s family cannot survive without her and expresses his understanding of the situation. Mihika reveals her fear that her brother and father will suffer if she returns home, as they will face societal disrespect due to her actions.

Ranbir proposes a plan to protect her family’s respect and save her father’s health. He suggests acting as her boyfriend and convincing her family that they are in a relationship. This way, Mihika’s family’s reputation will be upheld, and her father’s well-being will be secured. Mihika questions his motivation for helping her, leaving Ranbir deep in thought. Meanwhile, Prachi still misses Ranbir and realizes her feelings for him.


Prachi is shocked to see Mihika and Ranbir at the door.

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