Faltu 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu – July 2nd, 2023 – Written Episode, Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with Harsh suggesting that he will go and find Faltu. Tanu insists that they can’t stay at home and must take action. Savita decides they should go and mentions that Ayaan will search for Faltu. Harsh informs them that the roads are flooded, and he plans to inform the police to help find Faltu. Meanwhile, Faltu helps people affected by the flood and receives their blessings. She expresses her wish for her family’s happiness.

A doctor notices Faltu’s injury and urges her to come to the hospital for treatment. Faltu insists on continuing to help people, but the doctor emphasizes that she needs to take care of herself in order to continue helping others. Harsh returns and informs Savita that Ayaan is not with Faltu. Savita becomes emotional and asks about Ayaan’s whereabouts. Harsh explains that due to the circumstances, he believes Ayaan went to search for Faltu. Tanu suggests asking Sid to find Ayaan, while Savita anxiously wonders where Ayaan could be. Dadi consoles Savita, assuring her that Ayaan will be safe.

Faltu insists on helping people despite her injury. The doctor questions why she was at the site, and Faltu assures the doctor they can discuss it later, as she wants to focus on assisting the flood victims. Faltu overhears news about cars being submerged in the subway and the critical condition of the people involved. She prays for their well-being.

Suddenly, Faltu is shocked to find Ayaan on a stretcher, unconscious. She pleads with him to wake up and asks what happened to him. The ward boy informs her that Ayaan’s car sank in the water, and he has water in his lungs. Faltu reveals that Ayaan is her husband and pleads for his immediate treatment. Sid and Tanu arrive at the scene and see Faltu. Faltu informs them that Ayaan wasn’t with her earlier but she found him here after his car sank. The doctor updates Sid on Ayaan’s critical condition, stating that his brain is not receiving enough oxygen.

Sid assures Faltu that he will inform the family about Ayaan and her situation. He suggests they all go home together and assures Faltu that everything will be fine, asking her to trust him and believe that Ayaan didn’t mean what he said. Tanu interrupts and comments that Ayaan hates her, empathizing with Faltu’s pain. Faltu requests Tanu not to say anything further and reveals that Ayaan’s trust was weak and shattered due to Ruhaan’s manipulation. She tried to explain the truth to Ayaan, but he didn’t listen. Faltu wonders how Ayaan could change so much.

Savita and Janardhan argue at home, with Savita expressing her worry for Ayaan’s well-being. Dadi tries to calm the situation and assures them that they will find out about Faltu and Ayaan. Dadi receives a call from Sid, informing her that Ayaan’s car sank in the subway, and he is in the hospital with Faltu. Savita insists on going to the hospital immediately. Janardhan disagrees and argues with her, stating that Faltu is not to blame. Sid calls Janardhan and updates him that Ayaan regained consciousness, but Faltu is not with him. Sid advises Janardhan not to come to the hospital due to the flooded roads.

Faltu prays to Bappa (Lord Ganesh) and asks for Ayaan’s recovery. She questions how Ayaan could believe in the illegitimate relationship between her and Ruhaan. Faltu vows that once Ayaan recovers and returns home, she will start her new life. Ruhaan and his manager observe Faltu from a distance. The manager suggests that Ruhaan should go home, but Ruhaan refuses, expressing remorse for hurting Faltu and vowing not to let her get hurt again. Faltu continues praying, and Ruhaan instructs his manager to leave.


Faltu firmly decides that she doesn’t want to meet Ayaan and shouts that she promises never to see him again.


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