Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

Shahana tells Khushi that Prachi used to miss her and that her life had stopped after she left. She says she wants to celebrate your birthday and make you happy. Then Khushi says I’m not asking her to separate herself from me, even though I will be celebrating my birthday for the first time, and I want Shiv to celebrate as well. She asks her to call Shiv here and says I want to celebrate my birthday with both of them. Khushi asks her to call Shiv. Shahana says if I call Ranbir will you celebrate your birthday? Khushi asks her to call Shiv. Shahana says if he refuses, Shahana says he won’t refuse. Shahana says that is fine with her.

As Khushi thanks her, Shahana calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks if Prachi is alright. Shahana says she is. He asks Dadi, are you alright? She says yes. Shahana says I called to invite you to Khushi’s birthday. Ranbir asks if Prachi wants me to come. Shahana says yes, even Prachi wants. Khushi asks her to ask Ranbir to bring the entire family. Ranbir hears and says it’s okay. He ends the call. Khushi changes her clothes. Shahana believes she will not be able to save herself today.

He tells Prachi to get ready to count her breath backwards. The guy comes there and tells that he is a junior magician, and his senior magician is inside. He hits him with a brick and faints him, and then takes him to the side to put on his magic uniform. Balbira claims to be a murderer, but the guy doesn’t believe him. When Khushi refuses to celebrate her birthday in front of Meera, Dadi tells Prachi what she will say. Prachi wants this day to be special for her, but if Khushi refuses…Khushi comes there dressed in a beautiful dress. The magician shows his magic.

As Khushi continues to hug Prachi, Shahana asks God to make time slow. She thinks once Prachi sees Ranbir, she will play in my band. Dadi asks Shahana what has happened. Shahana asks if she will beat her. Dadi says no. Ranbir and Dida are coming here. She says Khushi wanted them to come. Dadi says Prachi won’t leave you, she wants to make Khushi’s birthday special.

Pallavi tells Rhea they have gone to Prachi’s house to celebrate Khushi’s birthday. Rhea asks where is everyone. Pallavi replies that you were not home, so we came, as we wanted to celebrate her birthday. She recalls Aaliya’s provocative words and comes to the room where she sees Ranbir’s portrait and hits on it. She then cries and takes it and places it on the bed. He sees Ranbir coming to Prachi and moves away. Shahana asks Dadi to hide her with her Pallu. Balbira walks towards Prachi in a magician’s dress holding a knife in his hand.

Rhea asks Aaliya if she can stay at her house tonight. Aaliya says yes. She asks if all is well. Rhea says there is nothing she should say. Aaliya asks her what is the matter. Rhea says she came here to find peace. You have the same right to come to me at any time, Aaliya says. She asks about everyone. Rhea says nobody is at home. Khushi gets excited about seeing Dida and calls her. Prachi looks at them. Dida says, my baby. Pallavi wishes her a happy birthday and God blesses her. Khushi is delighted to see Ranbir.

She looks good when Ranbir lifts her. Prachi asks Meera why she called Ranbir. Prachi asks Shahana why she called Ranbir. Shahana tells Prachi that Mini Prachi called him and Khushi invited them. Prachi asks if you are hiding something from me. Shahana goes with Khushi. Prachi and Ranbir’s heads collide. Ranbir collides it again. Khushi takes Shahana to the room and asks why Mamma and Papa got separated. Shahana says the circumstances were such.

Then Khushi asks Shahana who she can trust to unite them, Dida or Pallavi. Shahana says neither and says let’s focus on your birthday first, and then we’ll talk to them. Khushi says they won’t understand, and she says she can understand that they must unite.


In order to remember their love, Khushi tells Shahana that they will do something. As Ranbir and Prachi dance at the party, he wonders what’s in her that he can’t seem to separate from her. Pallavi tells Dida that one more life is related to them now, namely Khushi. Aaliya tells Rhea that Prachi uses Khushi to unite the two.

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