Faltu 7th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Guru Ji tells Kanika to just do her work and leave everything to Lord. Faltu is with her family. Ajit says you didn’t tell me everything. As Kanika gets emotional, she does Tanisha’s bidaai rituals. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. Ajit takes Faltu to the hospital and informs him about Faltu’s emergency situation. He talks to the nurse. He says we’ll come tomorrow morning. Charan thanks him. Ajit says he’s doing it for humanity. He goes. Charan asks Faltu why she’s crying. She says she’s worried about where we’ll stay today.

He tells her not to worry and hugs her. Janardhan says Kanika told all. Sumitra speaks against Faut. Janardhan says I wanted to keep the family away from such people. Harsh and Sid say Faltu has gone blind. Charan, Pratap and Faltu head to the hotel. He asks for the ID cards. Pratap says he had kept the documents for help. He gives them to Faltu. Faltu remembers Ayaan’s words and gets sad.

Faltu shouts. She says take me away, I don’t want to stay here. Janardhan talks to everyone. He says Faltu did all this to get our sympathy. Bua says Faltu can’t do this. He claims he cannot tolerate any interference in Ayaan’s life, don’t talk about Faltu now, Ayaan and Tanisha are coming, so I can’t tolerate any word against Alok.

As Kanika told me, her Guru ji told her, Ayaan and Tanisha can’t make a husband-and-wife relationship for the next 30 days, so we should accept what Guru ji said. Dadi says okay. Charan and Pratap try to cheer Faltu up.

It is not in your hands, you have to think, if you want to fight or return home. Charan encourages her to keep her head up and fight. She says I want my eyesight back. He says I know it is not in your hands. Charan says I’ll start my business here, and we’ll stay here until I get through this. Pratap also says he’ll come here. Faltu says he doesn’t know whether his eyesight will return.

Pratap says he will not go anywhere. Charan says that you are my son. Faltu hugs Pratap and cries. Jamuna is worried. Lajwanti talks to Charan on the phone. She asks him to take care of Pratap and Faltu. Jamuna cries for Faltu. She consoles Jamuna. Ayaan is on the way. He recalls Faltu’s words. Tanisha asks why are you confused, I’m seeing ideas for our room makeover, we’ll stay together forever. She discusses her plans.


She practices cricket in her hotel room. Pappi whistles and comes there. Faltu checks the door.

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