Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 28th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 28th July 2023. Written Episode Update on

Shreya says Shalini hates lies, she’ll see Priya’s past truth and throw her out, we’ll have to prove Priya’s characterless, Priya will leave Ram’s life and Aleka will throw Yuvraj out as well. Shreya says I will leak this photo in the media, she will become trending news. Kriti says it’s a master stroke.

They go to Ram’s office. Shreya meets Yuvraj. She tells Yuvraj to do as she said, focus on Priya. Kriti asks, Are you serious? I thought you were focusing on Ram and me. Shreya says be quiet. She says Priya has someone else, find out who is the guy, follow her. He said I have some standards, I won’t waste my time, Priya isn’t such a girl, I can guarantee it. Shreya asked me to make Priya and your pictures viral, go and find out who lied to Aleka. He left.

In response to Kriti’s question, Shreya says, “he will find out everything,” I won’t tell him our plan, I did this to distract him, I’m smart.” Kriti says it’s crazy, it’s going to work, but what if we’re caught?” Yuvraj will be shocked. He won’t tell anyone, so it’s a good plan for making Priya out.

I will marry Ram, Kriti says. She says Ram took Ritika instead of me. Shreya says I’ll come up with another plan, Priya’s our top priority. She thinks Shreya wants Priya out of the house because she doesn’t care for me, if I trust her, I won’t get Ram. I will do this for myself.

Ram says I know you love Yuvraj, but he has been slipping in work lately, and he is not doing his work on time. Aleka asks why you delayed his arrival in your marriage. He says I didn’t want Yuvraj to come into my marriage, Priya didn’t want to see him, I didn’t want to see her tears. Aleka says fake marriage.

The man says yes, but emotions do exist, how can I explain this to you, Priya is a nice person, she can’t hurt anyone. She says your wife’s past has affected our friendship. He said no, it is our problem if we let anyone come between, you love Yuvraj, I am happy for you, he is not doing his work well, it is my right to tell you that. Shardul appears. Ram says he delayed his work, who did it?

As Shardul says, I did the work, and clients were contacting us, Yuvraj had been responsible previously, but he isn’t bothered because he’s dating the company’s co-owner, so he doesn’t think anyone will bother him. Ram scolds him. She says I have invested in this company, otherwise… Ram says really, so let’s talk about who’s more important for this company, Shardul and my bond are more important than this business and company, so don’t get into this.

Shardul says it’s okay. She says I wouldn’t say I like our friendship being affected, I have a proposal, I want Yuvraj to become a partner in the company, he will not feel left out. Ram says we’ll discuss it, don’t make any mistakes. She says I spoke to the board, I hold the majority of shares, I don’t want anyone’s approval, I love Yuvraj, I’m standing up for him. Ram asks what happened to her… He worries.

Priya approaches Shalini and mentions, “I came by to check if you’ve had your meal and taken your medications.” Shalini responds, “You had omitted one tablet, but Tej noticed and retrieved it. When I told him it was you who made the change, he seemed unconcerned.” This leaves Priya pondering, as she excludes Tej from the list of suspects. She inquires of Shalini about her satisfaction with the meal, to which Shalini replies, “Yes, I quite enjoyed the flavorful food.” Priya expresses her gratitude for the meal.
Her concern grows when she sees dead ants on the food plate. She calls the lab and says I am sending the sample, I feel someone has infused poison into it, please prepare the reports, I will pick it up. She thinks who is doing this, someone wants to harm her, but who, I have to tell Ram about everything, I think I should wait for reports. Ram shows up, she says I need to speak to you. Ram is lost. She asks what happened, should I help, your mood is bad, I’ll order food.

She says I didn’t do anything. He says you did everything, you came into my life and complications arose. He leaves. She says he hadn’t behaved like that before. Shreya hears the servant speaking about the lab. She asks where you are going. He explains, “Priya requested me to deliver the food to the testing lab.” Shreya suggests, “Since you prepare Chinese cuisine for Ram, I’ll take care of delivering this packet to the lab.”

Priya gave me this work, so I will deliver it. She worries. She thinks Priya will learn about the poison, so I have to stop her from learning it. She calls someone. She reminds him, “You once mentioned that you’re willing to do anything to safeguard Ram, so I’m reaching out to you.” Shardul replies, “Absolutely, I’m pleased to hear that. Ram seems to be in a bad mood, and she’s inquiring.”

Ram worries about his relations, not his business or money, Aleka worries about Yuvraj, wondering why Yuvraj isn’t getting the attention he deserves. Ram told her Yuvraj isn’t getting the attention he deserves, Aleka wants Yuvraj to be her business partner, but he isn’t competent enough, so I’m going to call Aleka, and we’ll see what happens. She worries.


Ram is shocked when the media asks him about Priya and the mystery man.

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