Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th July 2023 Written Update on

The Episode opens with Samar halting Maan, imploring him to listen for his mother’s sake. Samar expresses gratitude towards Maan for taking a bullet for his mother. Maan agrees to give him five minutes and Samar expresses his thanks. Meanwhile, Shiv is at the toy store with Diya where he runs into Roshni and greets her with a smile. She asks how he ended up there and he tells her about having a dream of meeting her at the store. He also mentions that his wife is accompanying him. Roshni congratulates him on getting married and Shiv introduces Diya as his niece from his wife’s side. They catch up on each others’ lives and Roshni reveals that she is at the store for work. She encourages Shiv to buy the gift he was looking for and they both express their delight at seeing each other. As she leaves with her son, Shiv bids her goodbye, happy to have met again after so long.

Maan approached Samar, who responded by whistling. Maan inquired about what was on his mind, to which Samar asked why he doubted him and what his issue was. Maan reassured him that he had evidence and expressed concern about Sam’s safety. Samar then suggested they use a more familiar term and assured Maan that Sam was not involved in drugs, despite having had them. He explained that they had to delete a video involving Sam and clarified that he went to confront the man responsible. Samar claimed to be working in the best interest of the family and encouraged Maan to ask Sam for the truth. Maan also questioned why Samar was outside their mother’s room, which Samar said was related to changing traditions for the better at Shiv and Surilii’s upcoming puja. Feeling remorseful, Maan admits his mistake only for Samar to comfort him with a hug, saying it was all from good intentions.

Maan suspects a familiar scent and confides in Veera. He recalls Surilii’s warning about the enemy still being in their home, possibly aided by Ambitai. Maan remembers seeing Samar with the same fragrance, leading him to believe that he is their enemy. Upon discussing this with Veera, she suggests going to Rani Maa, but Maan insists on gathering evidence first. Veera assures him of her support and determination to expose Samar. Maan breaks down and pleads for his family’s safety, to which Veera responds that they must end this saga regardless of whether or not they find proof.

Then Shiv’s thoughts turn to Roshni. He expresses, “There’s something I’ve been meaning to say. It’s been 8 years, and I’ve let go and moved on, but I didn’t want to keep it hidden.” She responds firmly, “Enough.” Let’s share everything.” He says he met Roshni at the toy store. Even though we liked each other and wanted to marry, he said we ran into the same problem; she came from a normal family and I am from a royal family, her mother rejected her and she didn’t try to meet me, her ego was much bigger than mine, so we never got to meet.

As Raghu embraces Swati, she quickly pulls away. “Relax,” he reassures her. “I’m your husband and I understand that you need time.” He then lies down on the couch. Meanwhile, Rani Maa enters with a file and mentions needing to speak with Raghu in the morning. Glancing out the window, she notices Raghu and Swati sleeping soundly. Requesting Raghu’s presence outside, she asks if everything is alright. He explained that he had a cold and was concerned for Swati’s health. Accepting his explanation, Rani Maa moves on to her main topic, mentioning four new investors who have joined them without Shiv’s knowledge. Surprised, Raghu admits that he did not inform Shiv and instead trusted Samar to handle it wisely. Rani Maa advises him to give her all the details tomorrow and reminds him to consult Shiv before making decisions in the future. She instructs him to take his medicine before excusing him back inside.

Surilii chuckles and confirms that she used to be your ex, but there’s no need to worry. Shiv inquires if she has any objections. She assures him that it’s not a problem and that she is fully committed to being your present and future partner. As they enjoy their wada pau, Shiv suggests taking some for Maan as well. However, Surilii kindly declines, suggesting making it fresh at the palace tomorrow instead. Just then, Maan calls. Shiv happily shows Surilii and says he’s bringing her back with him. Surilii greets Maan and notices his concern. He explains that he misses both of them and requests them to come back soon so they can catch up. Surilii confirms they will be returning tomorrow and promises to cook wada pau for Maan while asking him to prepare some new poetry for her. Maan agrees, and Surilii bids him goodbye until tomorrow. Before ending the call, Maan takes a moment to express his determination not to let anyone harm his family by revealing Samar’s truth to Shiv and their mother.

Raghu suggests that perhaps it is best if we end our marriage, and he will speak to his mother at the appropriate time. However, Swati disagrees and decides she must endure her unhappy marriage. She approaches Raghu with kind words, thanking him for his care and expressing her desire to stay married. He embraces her and confesses his love. Meanwhile, Samar speaks to his deceased mother’s ashes before getting ready for the day. Maan and Veera enter his room and find a video on the phone.


Mahajan’s event is attended by Shiv and Surilii. Shiv tells Maan that he is the prince of Ranak. Samar romances Swati. Maan is shocked.

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