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It is Manmeet in the market when Shagun walks up to her and says, “Now I won’t believe you, Meet won the wrestling match, which means the show won’t leave this house.” Manmeet says she didn’t win. You always make false promises to me, Shagun says, and she starts to cry, saying she loves you so much, and you made exceptions in the match for her, but what about me, she won’t let us get married.

After seeing Inspector Bhati through the rearview mirror, Manmeet tells Shagun I know how to turn the tables. Try to understand that Holi is coming tomorrow, and I’ll do a big blast that even Meet can’t handle it. Things will get even on Holi. In his mind, Inspector Bhati says, “I don’t think they saw me.” I have to warn Meet about Manmeet before he does something, Manmeet says to Shagun trust me, don’t worry at all, let’s go on a ride. Manmeet goes with her on the ride.

Here’s my proof that your wife cheated on you, she gave Sarkar factory papers with Manmeet’s signature, she appears to be loyal and if you don’t believe me, watch the video. As Imarti shows him a video of Meet returning papers to Jasodha, he says he does not need them now. Jasodha says I have thrown all the evidence against me. Imarti says to Sarkar that you have always punished the wrong person, so will you be able to punish her now?

Imarti gets scared and leaves. Sarkar gets anxious and throws a picture of himself and Jasodha. The two of them are together in Chanda’s home. Chanda cleans her wounds. Meet shouts in pain. Chanda and her friend laugh. Meet asks why you’re laughing. Chanda says you’re afraid of a small injury after fighting with a strong man. Inspector Bhati walks toward Meet and tells him to be careful.

Meet asks what are you doing here. Bhati says I’m here to congratulate you and how’s your health. Meet says I was good earlier, but Chanda is making me feel very ill. Inspector Bhati suggests she return to Ahlawat’s house for a few days so that they can help her. He says no, I have to return to Sarkar Palace, and this is my victory price now.

Meet asks what happened. Bhati says everyone hates you there and Manmeet also lost the match, so staying there will be dangerous for you. Meet says it’s my home, I have to fight by staying there. The Bhati says tomorrow is Holi and Manmeet can make a mess. Meet says ok, let him make a mess, don’t worry about me, can you drop me off at Sarkar Palace since I am unable to walk.

Jasodha thinks about Sarkar and says we’ve celebrated all the festivals together, but tomorrow’s Holi will be different. You have seen me love you, but tomorrow you will see my anger. I promise you’ll never forget this Holi.


Holi is celebrated by everyone. We will celebrate Holi according to our plan, says Manmeet to Sarkar. There is a camera recording everything that Manmeet does. He mixes something in the thandai and gives it to Meet to drink.

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