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The Episode begins with Arshi expressing her reluctance to perform if Jhanak also takes the stage. She threatens to have her mother return the advance. Bipasha interjects, suggesting that it was simply a guess and not a sure thing. Tanuja steps in to calm Arshi down. She mentions if Anirudh is responsible, she cannot forgive him. Bipasha advises Arshi to confront Anirudh indirectly and discover who the new face is. Arshi agrees and declares that Anirudh will face consequences for his actions. Tanuja chimes in, stating she will give Jhanak countless household chores and not let her leave the house if Anirudh does this. Bipasha guarantees it will be entertaining, assuring Jhanak won’t dare leave the house.

Tanuja presents the jewellery to Dadi. Dadi says it is lovely. Appu says show me. Shubh says she is happy as if everything came for her, but she doesn’t know what she will do during the party. Appu says I’ll wear jewelry during my wedding. Bipasha says nice, dream, and get happy. Bablu says no, I can’t afford such expensive jewelry; I’ll get you silver jewelry. Appu thinks she’ll be satisfied. Anjana scolds Bipasha.

Tanuja intends to taunt Anjana and ask if she can’t be happy for Anirudh. Anjana says we are happy for his marriage, and Bablu says we are so glad. Dadi says stop, and I forgot what you asked. Tanuja shows the diamond necklace and bangles. Bipasha says Jhanak hasn’t come yet. Jhanak receives the clothes boxes.

She reminds Jhanak not to help Anjana. She asks Jhanak to be careful. Chotan says Arshi will only wear one saree at the party. Shubh says she’s my only bahu, and we’ll take care of her. Tanuja agrees. She asks Jhanak to open the boxes. Appu likes a saree and asks her father for it. Tanuja asks Jhanak to show them the saree. Shubh asks her to show more sarees Jhanak to show them. Jhanak displays the sarees.

Chotan is curious about the abundance of clothing for just one event, to which Tanuja slyly responds that they wanted to give Arshi a wide selection to choose from. Bipasha then playfully teases Jhanak and nudges Tanuja, who shows them the lehenga. Shubh compliments it, while Appu jokes that Jhanak has become a human clothes rack. Dadi approves of the outfits, and Shubh points out that Arshi has a unique style and appearance as a celebrity. Dadi agrees, mentioning the importance of tradition and how a saree would fit the many guests attending.

Appu plans to wear a saree to keep with tradition, but Anjana scolds her. Tanuja then suggests that Anjana is jealous because they went shopping for Arshi. However, Anjana defends herself and says she’s not jealous, but instead, this is all for Anirudh’s future wife. Bipasha then adds that sometimes she wishes Lal was her son, Kakimaa, causing Shubh and Tanuja to share a smile. Bablu also chimes in and reassures Bipasha that she doesn’t need to be like Arshi since they are different people. Even though Chotan tries to intervene and end the argument, Shubh reminds him to focus on work while Tanuja asks if he has any tasks. Chotan proudly shares that his work is going well despite being in the same position for a year. Bipasha playfully teases him about always saying that before Chotan decides it’s best to leave for work.

Taking responsibility for this, Anirudh says we are all responsible. We engage Chotan in every household task; you don’t let him focus on his own life. Appu says everyone is scolding Chotan. Anirudh says he is a good person; he helps everyone, so he misses his job. Before saying anything, he asks them to think twice.

However, I have good news to share. My office holds a cultural event with a segment that introduces new talent and faces. This year, I introduced Appu. He hugs Appu and says, “I love you.” He says she will sing there. Shubh asks what rubbish? Are you mad? Tanuja says I don’t understand. Who has such ideas? Anirudh says that I am the cultural secretary, not you.

There is no need. Anirudh says why, she is my sister, I have a right to do so. Bipasha says she heard two people participating in the segment, Appu and… Anirudh, asking the same question again. Tanuja says answer her. It’s a secret, company policy, rules. Appu is a family member, so I told you that you can see the other name there.

She calls Shyam and tells him we’re going to the event on Sunday, and dinner will be in the evening. She asks Jhanak to assist Shyam. Anirudh signs Jhanak. Chotan asks if she will go to the event. Shubh asks if the maid will handle household chores or attend the event. According to Anirudh, Jhanak is supposed to perform at the event, and it is my responsibility to take you there.


Chotan asks how you got out of there. Anirudh says we couldn’t, and we were forced to marry. He asks Jhanak to get ready. Anirudh takes Jhanak to Brij’s dance school. Brij asks what she’s doing there.

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