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Akshay blames Mihika for ruining his life and says, “Since you came into my life, my life has been ruined.” Mihika replies, “I’m sure I’ve ruined your life.” Akshay asks who brought Ranbir into the house. He says the destruction you have brought here is ruining everyone’s lives. Mihika asks what about the destruction you have brought here. Akshay says I married her. Abhay asks them not to argue. Mihika instructs them to behave like they are younger.

Divya comes there and says elders should behave in accordance with their age. They argue. Akshay says it is enough and says we are elders. Divya says we don’t have much age difference. Abhay says you both know everything and asks you to tell him when Ranbir and Prachi don’t love you. He asks who is wiser, us or you both.

Mihika is told that Akshay does not care what Prachi and Ranbir tell the world. He says I do not care whether they accept love each other. He asks her not to do anything or not kill her, and says if you do that, I’ll kill Ranbir. He says if you try to harm Prachi, Ranbir comes to her rescue. He asks her to promise she won’t harm Prachi, and says if you do, we won’t get our love. Akshay says he will handle everything. Mihika nods and Akshay goes on.

Vishaka tells Manpreet that the broken glass is Mihika’s pain and cries. She asks Manpreet why she won’t speak to him. Although she knows what Ranbir and Prachi mean to each other and he has never promised to marry Mihika, Manpreet asks if Mihika did right by proposing Ranbir. According to her, Ranbir told Mihika clearly that he loved or couldn’t marry her. Prachi was wrong with Mihika, she says.

She tells Manpreet that she is Mihika’s mother and not Prachi’s. As a result, she scolds Servant and asks her to go do her work. She then asks Manpreet to be strict with Prachi. She then tells Manpreet she is her mother not her mother in law. She says Mihika is wrong and Prachi is right and I’ll support her. She leaves. Vishaka says she has to take care of her children myself because Manpreet is not a good mother.

As Ashok gave Prachi his hand, she asked Ranbir to promise to take care of his daughter. Prachi says, sometimes, I don’t believe that I got such a family. Manpreet asks if anyone told you anything. This is happy tears, and she says she’s happy to have them. She says she’s lucky to have her and Papa.

Though someone else gave you birth, Manpreet says we are your parents. Ashok says you are our daughter, but God made us meet late. Prachi says I see my parents in you both. She says you are my Papa and you are my Maa and everything. She leaves. Ashok tells Manpreet that Prachi is a pure soul and shall not receive any pain, but that their children will go after her and can snatch her happiness.

Divya approaches Mihika, who is seated by the door. Curious, Divya inquires why Mihika is there. Mihika responds with a musing about feeling unloved and confesses her desire to love Ranbir deeply. Divya mentions that Ranbir is interested in Prachi instead. Wanting to be supportive, Mihika suggests that Divya speak kindly if she wants to stay with them. Divya then informs her of Mama ji’s plan to gather everyone on the terrace for a discussion. She reminds Mihika that Ranbir will eventually reciprocate her feelings if given some time. As she encourages her, she also suggests sprucing up her appearance before their meeting with Ranbir. Taking the advice, Mihika wipes away any traces of tears and expresses her desire to impress Ranbir with her appearance.

Akshay asks Vishaka if he wants to drink, and then drinks in front of her. Akshay blames Mihika for bringing Ranbir there, and says I’m afraid to lose Prachi. In the bed, Vishaka says that you are one side and the whole world is the other. She says that when you were small, I took care of you, and people said Akshay was my son from my past birth. She says she can do anything for him because he is her son.

Despite the fact that Akshay hugs her, Vishaka asks her to follow her advice. She tells him to become good with everyone, so Prachi will not think she will break his heart and feel guilty. Akshay says he is already good. Vishaka asks him to do as she said and Prachi will be yours. Akshay assures her not to worry and says I will follow your instructions.

Upon arriving at Ranbir’s house, Khushi informs him that Badi Mummy and Dida have arrived with some bags. Ranbir calls Khushi a greedy daughter and says you are not happy since they came. Khushi says she is happy and enjoys gifts as well. Pallavi and Dida give Khushi a gift, and Khushi shows it to her new friend. Pallavi and Dida ask Ranbir how he is doing.

I will come whenever you call me, Ranbir says. After greeting Dida and Pallavi, Divya calls Ranbir to the terrace and tells him Manpreet called them. Pallavi says we’ll wait here. Ranbir insists that they come. Pallavi agrees. In the presence of his mother, Ranbir says he is feeling cold today. Pallavi makes him wear a jacket.

Dida, Ranbir and Pallavi arrive on the terrace. Ranbir says he brought Mummy here because she was with me downstairs. Manpreet asks if everything is fine. Pallavi replies yes, we’re here to meet Ranbir. Dida says we’ll meet Ranbir as well. Mihika asks them to take Prachi with them. Akshay asks what are you saying? Ranbir won’t go and not Prachi. Dida says we can take both Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir feels pain. Pallavi asks if he’s okay.

When the fire broke out from the kitchen, Manpreet told them Ranbir’s back was burned, and he received an injury while saving Prachi. Pallavi gets worried. Ranbir says I’m fine. Mihika says I saved him from being stabbed at a secluded place. Pallavi says I was not informed. Dida asks if you’re okay. Ranbir says yes to Dida. He thinks I have to hide it. Prachi greets Dida and asks her to take tea. Ranbir asks for tea.

Prachi says I will ask Sangeeta to make tea for you. Pallavi tells Ashok and Manpreet that she is disappointed with them. Akshay goes to one side and says he cannot bear it. Ashok says he called everyone here so that everyone would sit, talk, and spend time, and have food. He wants them to clear up their misunderstanding and leaves. Akshay says he won’t get better.

Prachi asks Ranbir for forgiveness and says he likes her habit of getting angry. Akshay looks at them and gets angry.

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