Anupama written episode update of 1st Feb, 2023

Anupama written update

Akush expresses his dispproval of Maaya residing in Kapadia mansion. Barkha is perplexed as to why the only solution seems to be living there and mentions that first Dimple and now Maaya wishes to stay there. Hasmukh argues that the latter brings bad omen. Anu defends her sister’s decision, saying she is doing what any good parent would do – finding a secure place for her daughter, even if it means not being aware of her past. Ankush claims he will get to the bottom of this himself, as Anuj was conducting proper legal procedures. He intends to use other methods too. Meanwhile Barkha suggests Anuj should ascertain as to how far Maaya’s influence has spread and how it could be stopped.

Leela suggests that Kavya take Vanraj with her to London to become a model. Kavya agrees, proposing that Leela become an ambassador for a knee pain oil brand. Hasmukh then receives a call from Little Any inviting the whole family to her birthday celebration. Both Kavya and Hasmukh agree to go, confused about what she meant when she said she was celebrating with both her mothers. Just before she disconnects, Leela and Vanraj reveal that Maaya is Little Anu’s biological mother. Toshu cracks jokes, saying Maaya is his step-sister’s mom and now he can move forward with his event management business plans. Vanraj quells the jokes of Toshu and the family decide to attend the event for variours reasons.

The little girl informs Anuj that she invited Shahs to her birthday party and she will be celebrating it with both her mothers. Anuj hopes everything will go smoothly.

Anupama receives her college friend’s call. Maaya inquires if she is still attending college, to which Anupama confirms and steps away. They both ponder on ways to make Little Anu’s birthday special. Barkha queries whether or not Maaya had any guests on her list. To this, Maaya answers that she had business colleagues and Little Anu. Barkha sadly observes that the latter doesn’t have a father but Maaya curtly replies that it is none of her concern. When Anupama returns, she states her wish to create Little Anu’s preferred character’s cake for the birthday celebration. Anupama recollects how Little Anu implored her to bake a cake for her special day. She then asked if Maaya also wanted to make one, in which Barkha interrupts declaring that Anupama is an excellent chef and maybe they could decide who is better after tasting the food prepared by each of them. Consequently, they opt for baking two different cakes together.

Anupama and Maaya are preparing cakes separately, as Naya Din Chadgaya.. plays in the background. Little Anu is delighted to have both of her mothers’ attention and jumps off a chair, only to fall down. Concerned, Maaya and Little Anu rush to her aid and she says she’s fine. Ankush then informs Anuj that he has found some crucial information about Maaya, asking him what he wants to do now; Anuj replies that he will wait until his daughter’s birthday, asserting that Ankush will gather all the evidence against Maaya by then. After completing the preparation of their cake, Maaya and Anupama hug Little Anu, while Anuj stands outside thinking. Suddenly, Anupama receives a call from Anuj’s office informing her about an important contract.

Maaya interfered with Anupama’s daughter’s birthday celebration. Anupama says they have to accept Maaya’s presence in their lives. Anuj asks her to find out more about Maaya’s past.

The fact that Maaya gave birth to Little Anu will not change the fact that everyone has a past, and so does Maaya. For Little Anu’s sake, Anuj requests her to do whatever he says without any cross-questioning. It is believed that Anuj knows something he does not want to share with her. After discovering Maaya’s past, Anuj cannot let her take his daughter away from her; he won’t let her take his daughter from her.

Toshu splurges on a lavish present for Little Anu and shares his wisdom. Vanraj remarks that one should spend only according to their budget. Toshu opines that it’s an investment to make Maaya happy. Maaya then arts a handmade breeding card for Little Anu, and encourages Anupama to do the same. She obliges and makes one too. Maaya praises Anupama’s card, which is better than hers. To illustrate her point, Anupama narrates the story of her mother gifting her with a humble but heartfelt present; daughters, she says, value the efforts over the worth of a gift. Maaya presents her handmade cards with photographs of baby Anu, expressing deep emotion towards her daughter.

Leela tells Vanraj that just as they stopped Anupama from going to America, they need to stop Kavya from going to London. Having noticed Little Anu lullaby Maaya to sleep, Anuj and Anupama sadly return to their room. Little Anu walks to them, and they wish her a happy birthday. Little Anu isn’t beside Maaya when she wakes up.

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