Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st August 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi informs Ishan, the director and professor at Bhosale Institute, that his actions do not match his title. She mentions hearing about his motivational speeches during assembly but questions why she is being treated differently. He responds by telling her to save those remarks for her interview, knowing they won’t make a difference there. As he heads towards his cabin, Yashwanth instructs Shukla to bring the girl in. Shukla informs Savi of her interview and wishes her luck. Savi seeks his blessings before hurrying to the director’s cabin. Upon entering, she greets everyone in Hindi. Ishan scolds her for not saying good morning to the esteemed teachers present in the room. Savi explains that when she walked in, it was almost noon and if she had greeted good morning, he would have criticized her for not saying good afternoon.

Yashwanth inquires about Savi’s preferred language for the interview. Savi responds, stating that she is at ease with Hindi and Marathi. Shantanu believes that knowledge transcends languages, and encourages her to answer in whichever language she feels comfortable with. However, Ishan decides to throw a challenging question her way. In her signature humorous manner, Savi responds causing irritation for Ishan. The remaining interviewers also pose their questions, and Savi answers them flawlessly. As Ishan grows more agitated, he poses yet another tricky question. Nishikanth takes this opportunity to make a remark towards Shantanu, implying that Savi might not know the answer. Much to everyone’s surprise, Savi expertly responds to the question as well. This earns her praise from Shantanu and frustrates Ishan even more. In a playful manner, Ishan suggests that if Savi wants to participate in everything, she should play a game of basketball with him. The teachers interject and explain that playing sports is not part of the interview process. However, Ishan believes that an IAS officer must possess the ability to handle pressure in challenging situations and challenges Savi once again. To everyone’s

As they approach the basketball court, Savi turns to Ishan and asks him to teach her some basic skills for the game. Ishan responds with a taunt, questioning how an aspiring IAS officer can be unfamiliar with the rules of an international sport. In return, Savi questions if he knows anything about playing the traditional Indian game of lagori. Ishan then calls over a coach to explain the rules to Savi.


Savi throws the ball to her side of the basket and everyone looks anxiously at it. In an attempt to win the game, Ishan breaks his side of the basket.

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