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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 30th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Gautam saying I’ll go and see Dhara. They hear the band sound and wonder who has come. Krish comes dancing. Shivank ties up Shweta. Dhara comes and beats Shivank. He pushes her. She asks him to leave Shweta. In order to avoid dragging Shweta, he tells her to sit on the bike. Dhara chases him. The kids enjoy Krish and dance with him. He returns home and sees the kids and Krish.

Apparently, he thought my family agreed to my marriage. Suman said I would go see. Everyone went outside and saw Krish. Arushi shouted and asked her mother to open the door. She was told by her mother, “You are stubborn, listen to me.” Arushi left the room. Her mother saw her and followed. Krish is hugged by Prerna. She asks him what happened. He asks her to dance, saying it is a happy day. She says listen to me. Krish asks Shiva to come. They dance together.

Shiva announces his upcoming marriage. Suman questions the reason for celebration. Dhara then proceeds to chase after Shivank, throwing fruits at him. Shweta pleads for someone to rescue her. Dhara alerts everyone and orders them to catch Shivank. Dev and Shiva join in the pursuit. During the chaos, Shweta and Shivank fall off their bike. Chiku begins to cry out for his mother. Dhara pauses to witness the commotion unfolding before her eyes. Raavi confronts Shivank about his actions, reminding him that Shweta is pregnant. However, Krish interjects and reveals that he has discovered the truth – she is not actually pregnant. Prerna tries to control her tears as she stops Krish from saying more. He asks if something has happened, to which she tearfully confesses that Shivank has mistreated her. Upon hearing this shocking news, Krish is taken aback.

He declares his intention to harm Shivank. A crowd rushes to aid Shweta, while Shivank attempts to escape. Suman expresses remorse to Prerna for their actions. Raavi also acknowledges their wrongdoing and vows to take action against Shivank. Gautam, Krish, Shiva, and Dev make an effort to restrain Shivank. Shweta falls near some rocks as everyone recalls her past transgressions. Dhara intervenes and rescues her, prompting a rush of concern from those around them. Meanwhile, Arushi runs towards Dhara’s house despite her mother’s protests. Her mother forbids her from going but Arushi insists on visiting Dhara today. As everyone is occupied with Shweta, Shivank takes the opportunity to slip away unnoticed. Dhara asks Gautam to apprehend him while Shiva urges him to stay put and await retribution. The group speeds off on a motorcycle in pursuit of Shivank while Krish reassures Raavi that he will be held accountable for his actions.

Dev and Krish rush Shweta to the hospital, while Dhara declares that she and Shivank will be caught. Rishita dials the police for assistance. As Shiva confronts Shivank, urging him to face his consequences with bravery, the doctor tends to Shweta and transfers her to the ICU. Meanwhile, Arushi sneaks away from her mother’s sight and Suman, who is on her way, is taken aback when she spots Dhara’s mother. Returning the smile, Suman explains that although she recognizes the woman, she cannot recall where from. While Shweta receives medical attention in the hospital, Shiva successfully brings Shivank down from his motorcycle. Just then, the Pandyas arrive at the scene and apprehend Shivank.


Raavi scolds Shivank. They all beat him up.

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