Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

‘Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ 1st April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat, Paakhi, and Sai have difficulty sleeping at night. The song Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairaan Hoon Main plays in the background. Paakhi remembers Virat leaving her room and telling Vinu he can stay in the same room again after what she did. Virat recalls Paakhi filling Vinu’s mind with poison.

Paakhi recalls Ashwini’s advice to focus on her own life and stop worrying about Sai, as well as Vinu running and hugging Sai instead. Virat further recalls Bhavani’s advice to leave Paakhi and remarry Sai.

When Paakhi wakes Vinu up the following morning, she asks him to get ready for school. Vinu glances at his watch and says there’s still time. Since his doctor aunty did a lot for her, Paakhi wants him to do something for him as well. Vinu asks what? Paakhi suggests that he should persuade Sai that she is their guardian as long as she is here. Vinu shares his idea.

The two girls prepare for school. Paakhi prepares tiffin boxes for Vinu and Saavi. Saavi is delighted. Paakhi tells Saavi that if she is Vinu’s sister, then she is like her own daughter too. She apologizes to Saavi for breaking her nameplate.

Virat and Vinu have remade it, and it looks even more beautiful than before. Sai enters, ready for work. Vinu embraces her and wishes her a good morning. Sai reciprocates the greeting. Vinu expresses his gratitude, mentioning that she has done a lot for him and his mother, and he wants to give her a gift.

Using her handwritten card, he shows her as an angel protecting him, Virat, and Paakhi. Sai gets emotional. Paakhi apologizes to Sai for her heinous acts and says she doesn’t mind Sai staying in this house and hopes he apologizes to her one day. Virat notices them as he passes by.

As Sai enters the hospital, she looks at Vinu’s card and thinks that he loves her so much and that she protects his family, so she cannot take Vinu with her; can’t they stay together? Satya enters playing Baar Baar Haan… song and dances, praising Sai’s bravery.

They dance to celebrate Sai’s return, with Dr Survase and the nurses joining in. He feels joyful and applauds their performance. Sai asks why even Dr Survase is dancing. He replies that when his star doctor returned, he couldn’t resist welcoming her in Dr Satya’s style. He returns Sai’s nameplate, which brings tears to her eyes.

Sai remarks that Satya is pleased and playfully sings “Ice Cream Khaogi” in Amitabh Bachchan’s style. Satya jokes that he will visit Sai whenever he wants to have a lavish feast. Sai suggests that she will serve him a grand feast but requests him to stop singing. Dr Survase suggests getting back to work.

Sai expresses her gratitude to Dr Survase for speaking with Vinu and clearing up his misunderstandings about her. He mentions that his son is now talking to her because of his advice, and she will never forget his kindness. During her treatment, Sai recalls how she helped him by riding his bike home after he collapsed while treating a patient at a dhaba. He jokingly says he will never let her forget that favour and will ask for one in return someday.

Sai contemplates that she is unaware of what is going through his mind. Satya becomes upset and walks away from the situation. Virat goes to a doctor’s clinic for a fitness test, and while undergoing a stress test on a treadmill, he recalls Paakhi’s malicious actions, causing his heart rate to spike. The doctor stops the test and notices something is troubling him.

The doctor advises Virat to think about what brings him peace when he closes his eyes. Virat envisions Sai in his thoughts. The doctor encourages him to discuss the issue that is troubling him. Virat reflects, realizing that he is unsure of what to say.

During her visit to Dr Satya’s room, Sai finds him not there. When she calls him, the phone rings on his table. Dr Survase says Dr Satya took a leave because he was feeling ill. Sai thinks about visiting him. After returning home, Virat thinks he should inform Sai that he is no longer able to live with her. He then feels guilty and returns to his room to find Paakhi’s apology messages.


The scene ends with Paakhi telling Virat that she wants to start afresh with him. Virat tells her that he cannot stay with her anymore and wants to make Sai his life partner again.

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