Faltu 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written Episode for Faltu 8th June 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

Kanika asks Tanu why she called me. Tanu says she needs to call the decorators. Sid informs, “Tanu desires to adorn the house for Janardhan and Dadi.”. Tanu says yes, we don’t have much time. Kanika says just stay away from them. Tanu says it’s now your chance to win their hearts, so call the decorators.

Then Shanaya comes and asks why you are decorating the house, as Ruhaan bought it. Tanu wants to welcome the family, Kanika says. Shanaya says no need, I’ll get it done, please go to your room, I don’t want any disturbances. Tanu asks them why they are giving them orders. This family doesn’t belong to you.” Shanaya becomes infuriated in response.

Ayaan and Faltu accompany Janardhan and Dadi back home, reassuring them that Tanu didn’t intend any harm with her words. Dadi insists on walking instead of using a wheelchair. Upon seeing the decorations, they inquire with Faltu about the person responsible, but she shakes her head in denial. Govind suggests that Tanu and Sumitra might have orchestrated the decorations to capture their attention.

Faltu has always triumphed over family challenges, making her an exceptional daughter-in-law. Shanaya affirms this, expressing her concern for both of them and her willingness to stay. Savita performs the aarti ritual, and Dadi insists that Shanaya should remain in the house. Shanaya agrees, reiterating her worry for them and her readiness to stay.

Tanu inquires, “What?” Shanaya firmly asserts, “Yes, I want to stay here.” Faltu, confused, asks for clarification. Tanu approaches and greets Faltu, expressing a desire to welcome her, but Shanaya intervened. Faltu expresses gratitude towards Shanaya. Shanaya affirms her bond with Faltu, stating they should remain together forever. Ayaan, puzzled, asks for further explanation.

It seems to be Faltu’s home. She asks Shanaya to rest. Ayaan thinks about Faltu’s practice. He says Shanaya has come home, he doesn’t understand why Faltu isn’t telling me everything. Charan calls him. Charan asks if your dad and dadi came home. Ayaan says yes, you got the money, yes. Charan replies that a man came and delivered it to him yesterday. Why did you send it to me?

Charan says I don’t need money, so you can tell Faltu about your problem, not me. Ayaan says Faltu told me this. Ayaan says Faltu told me this. Charan says I didn’t tell her that. Trying to figure out why she said this, he says maybe it is a misunderstanding, she is stressed out. It’s fine, keep the money, you might need it, you are my dad as well, so take care.

He asks Faltu why she lied, I just spoke to Charan, and he doesn’t need money, why did you tell Kinshuk about Charan’s call, give me your phone, and I’ll check who needs money. She becomes anxious and contemplates the possibility of him discovering Ruhaan’s contact number. In order to conceal the truth, she resorts to lying.

In her opinion, Charan might be embarrassed if he asked you for money, so you should have asked me first. Ayaan says sorry, I’ll apologize to him. Faltu says no problem, I’ll speak to him. He says okay, I’m your son too. He leaves. She wonders what she should say to her father.

Faltu calls Charan and asks what’s going on, are you fine, I’m worried. Charan says he doesn’t understand why she lied to Ayaan. Faltu declares, “I’m fine. I made a tough decision for the betterment of my family, but I won’t disclose it to Ayaan. I will do everything within my power to improve my relationship with both of my in-laws’ families.”

She says you shouldn’t have told me. She says I had no intention of telling him but he overheard me talking to someone. Sorry about that. Charan says I’m glad you’re happy there, Ayaan said everything’s fine, keep your cricket dreams and I’m sure you’ll be able to balance it. The call ends with her crying.

“I lack the courage to reveal my decision to Ayaan. My family relies on me, and I wonder how much more I will have to deceive him,” she reflects,
. When Ayaan meets Ruhaan, he imagines Janardhan and smiles. He says you look happy seeing me. My intention was to call you to discuss business, I hope you and your family are doing well.

Ayaan affirms, “Yes, I will begin working and repay the loan to the hospital. Thank you for allowing us to stay in the house.” Ruhaan suggests, “Once you have the funds, you can repurchase the house.” Ayaan affirms his commitment, “I will work hard for it.” As per Ruhaan’s advice, Ayaan is advised to engage with the employees and staff, preparing them mentally for the upcoming transition. Ruhaan emphasizes that their trust will be earned when they witness Ayaan’s presence as the new owner.

Ruhaan thinks Faltu should have told Ayaan about the academy, and what she wants to do when she gets back. Ayaan says yes, but my wife is participating in state trials. “I’ll coach her,” he proposes, “I can handle work through my phone, and afterwards, I’ll join her on the field.”

Ayaan acknowledges, saying, “Alright.” As he departs, he remains concerned about Faltu’s job. Ruhaan reassures him, saying, “I understand that you have certain responsibilities as a husband. We can’t make compromises in business, but your wife is intelligent, and she will find a solution.”


Shanaya wears the mask and plays. Ayaan joins the academy as a coach.


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