Pandya Store 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd April 2023 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara telling everyone about Shivank. She recalls asking Gautam for support. Gautam was drunk and sang. Shivank asks her to learn from Gautam. He tells her I will file a lawsuit against them. She stops him. He asks what’s special about me and that you are stopping me.

She informs him that she doesn’t have any money. He suggests that she should give him some funds from their joint bank account, considering that he also has a share in the Pandya store. He advises her to think it over and let him know. She goes to fetch the chequebook as he remarks, “Shweta said Dhara is very clever, but she agreed so readily. Did I ask for too little money?” In the midst of their conversation, he overhears Gautam calling out to his brothers and singing. This evokes a sense of pity in him, and he makes a lighthearted remark about Gautam.

Shivank gets happy when Dhara says the account has 21 lakhs. She asks for the papers. He gives her the papers. She asks for his phone. He thanks her and leaves. Gautam asks why did you give him the money. She replies Shivank…. He goes to sleep. The Facebook conversation ends. Suman asks why you didn’t tell me that my brother had cheated on me and then his son. Why do you always take the decision on your own?

Prerna says papers can also be fake. Gautam says it’s not her mistake, my drinking ruined everything. In Dhara’s words, I lacked the strength to think and understand, I was alone, Gautam’s condition was getting worse, Chiku found him and brought him home, my children left home, Suman remained worried, I could not handle things by myself.

My weakness was exploited by Dev, and I won’t leave him. He asks Gautam to come. They leave. When Rishita sees Natasha signing autographs for her fans, she asks for one. Natasha tells her not to cry. I had to entertain my fans since they came to meet me, she said.

He scolds Shivank, who watches a movie. Dev and Gautam come. Shivank asks what happened. Dev and Gautam beat Shivank. Shivank screams and runs. Shiva sees him. Dev asks Shiva to stop Shivank. Shivank hails a ride from a passerby and flees, while Shiva, Dev, and Gautam give chase. Shivank pleads his innocence, exclaiming, “I didn’t do anything!” Shiva inquires about his arrival from Ahmedabad, and Dev reveals that he just arrived today. Amidst their conversation, they confront Shivank and deliver a slap. Confused, Shivank questions why his brothers are treating him this way. Gautam interjects, instructing them to take Shivank back home.

Suman gets mad at Shivank. They get Shivank home. Shivank asks what he did. Dhara says you used to blackmail me, I told the family, and you took 21 lakhs from me.

Shivank offers his apologies and denies any wrongdoing, urging Dhara not to accuse him falsely. Dhara asserts that she possesses proof in the form of a document she has retained. Perplexed, Shivank asks which document she is referring to, emphasizing that he never requested any money. He vehemently swears that he never made such a demand.

Shivank begins to feign innocence, prompting Dhara to remind him of the day he blackmailed her, leading to her acquiescence in allowing him to obtain the electricity connection. Dismissing her claims as lies, Shivank implores her not to break him down with false accusations. Determined to expose the truth, Dhara assures him that she will produce the evidence and proceeds to search for the documents.

After locating them, Dhara presents the documents to Dev, revealing that Shivank had given her these papers and received money from her in return. Dev carefully examines the documents to verify the veracity of Dhara’s claims.

Shiva says it’s a fake stamp. Shivank says I didn’t take money. He lies to them. He says Dhara used the money to frame me. She’s shocked.


Gautam shows the entry in Suresh’s name in Dhara’s passbook. The doctor says surgery can’t take place tomorrow if the money isn’t deposited. Dhara says she gave him the check.


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