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Meeting walks out of Sarkar’s palace with her luggage. Manmeet, alone on the street, thinks about Raj’s promise. Manmeet says what she will say to Meet. Jasodha tells Meet you gave me new life, you are a good girl, and I want someone to like you in my life, I don’t know if you’ll believe, but I’m praying for you that you find someone who will love you and take care of you, so Jasodha hugs her.

According to Manmeet, if Shagun questions me again, I will not be able to respond. Jasodha says it’s already late, so let her go. Gunwanti says go and don’t come back. On his way home, Manmeet rides his bike. Shagun walks and shuts the door in her face as Meet stands at the door. She gets a call from someone as she meets with her luggage outside Sarkar Palace.

After walking to his house, Manmeet notices Meet sitting outside. Manmeet asks her why she is there. Meet responds, “Where are you coming from?”. She gets emotional and asks why you didn’t tell me. He says he promised Papa to keep it a secret until he found an appropriate boyfriend. Manmeet gets worried and says leave this and get back to reality. Meet says he’ll have this poison and finish his life. Despite hiding this inside me for so long, Manmeet says he has no idea how long he will be able to keep it hidden.

As Manmeet sits on the swing, Shagun hugs him and says you fulfilled your promise. He asks where Meet is. Shagun tells him you played well Meet left early in the morning. As Manmeet becomes concerned, he asks where she is and when she left. She says she left an hour earlier, so it’s good she went back to her parents so we can plan our wedding together.

Then Manmeet runs to his bike and looks for Meet. Jasodha asks Shagun where he is, thinking he’ll return with Panditji so we can be married. Shagun says he just went outside. Jasodha walks away. Shagun says you look sad because Meet left this house because she went against Sarkar. Jasodha walks away. Shagun says I don’t care if anyone is happy because my Manmeet is with me.

She asks the driver to drive fast as she passes Ahlawat mansion thinking about Manmeet. Manmeet on his bike remembers what Raj told him. Meet with Babita and Raj’s photo and say I’m coming to you soon. Driver says we will reach within 5 minutes. Manmeet stops the car.

Upon seeing him, Meet gets out of the car and says, “I know we are enemies, but you should have told me where you were going before leaving.” Meet says he waited for you all night long, but you didn’t come. He says I couldn’t stay there, so I left. He hugs him tightly. He says you have a fever, so let’s go to the doctor.

It’s time for me to meet my parents. Once I see them, I will be fine. Manmeet says you won’t be going anywhere, you’ll be with me. Meet says, “Are you a maid?” You’re asking me to go home, and I’m close to my house. Manmeet doesn’t let her sit inside and says I won’t let you go. Meet says she doesn’t have a temperature in her legs, so she can walk. He holds her hand and says, “I won’t let you go.”. He remembers Raj’s promise. Meet falls into his arms.

Imarti walks to Shagun, telling her everyone should be happy because Meet has left, but everyone is still sad. Only you and I are happy that she has gone because she was clever enough to stop Sarkar’s marriage, then gain Jasodha’s trust, and mocks Shagun in the process. Now that she is gone, Shagun says she doesn’t want your sympathy, so do your work. Imarti walks away.

Sarkar and Jasodha are in their room. Jasodha says Meet is gone now, are you happy? You and your son can betray me anytime and I feel angry when I think about that. Sarkar says your happiness often goes silent when you learn that someone close to you has betrayed you, and I know everything.

The common area is filled with Gunwanti. Shagun walks to her and asks her how she looks. Gunwanti says you look stunning. Shagun is thrilled. Meghna says you are acting like Manmeet is coming back after so long. In response, Shagun tells her that Manmeet will return as her husband, not Meet’s husband, and she starts dancing with Gunwanti on a dhol.

Everyone hears Manmeet’s bike. Shagun says Manmeet will finally walk towards me today. Gunwanti gives Shagun a garland for Manmeet. As everyone watches them together, Manmeet grabs Meet in his arms and takes her inside. Shagun drops her garland after seeing them together. In tears, Shagun asks Manmeet why he brought her back. Jasodha walks towards them.

A flower garland falls on Manmeet and Meet as she is unconscious on the street due to the heat. Jasodha checks her and says she is not well. Manmeet says I brought her because she is ill, and if we don’t take good care of her, we will have to take her to the hospital.

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