Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 7th August 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th August 2023 Written Episode on

The Episode begins with Sona trying to reach Ram and Priya, but they are unavailable. Tej assures her that they will show up soon and they can proceed with the will paperwork. He reminds her that she has surgery scheduled in two days. Shalini agrees and the guard informs them that Ram left with Priya. Kriti and Shreya both attempt to call them but are unable to get through. Everyone starts to worry about their whereabouts. The inspector reveals they suspect a kidnapping, causing Kriti to fear the worst as she remembers Ram and Priya spending the night together. She worries about what might happen between them and how it would affect her chances of marrying Ram. Meanwhile, Shalini is ready to sign the will but expresses her concern about not speaking to her children yet. Tej and Avinash assure her that she can trust them to handle everything.

Shreya expresses concern for Ram, who she claims was kidnapped. She sees this as a serious issue and questions why the person claiming to love him is not worried. Kriti reveals that she secretly drugged Ram in an attempt to cause a rift between him and Priya so that he would choose her instead. However, to her surprise, Ram was actually with Priya at the time. This raises suspicions of what may have transpired between them. Shreya expresses shock and asks if Kriti had deliberately given Ram alcohol knowing that he couldn’t handle it due to his sensitivity to chemicals. Suddenly, Sona interrupts Shalini by showing them breaking news of Ram and Priya’s kidnapping. The group is taken aback by this shocking development and Shalini breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, the goons have tied up Ram and Priya, while Ritika voices her concerns about their safety. Anju feels dizzy from the news and both Sanjeev and Ritika worry for her well-being.

Anju expresses concern for Priya’s new life and asks why she is facing so many struggles, despite the hardships she has endured since childhood. Sanjeev fears for Priya’s safety and cannot imagine living without her. Ritika suggests that the police will locate them, as Ram is with Priya and can solve her problems. She reminds everyone to remain strong during this difficult time. Inspector updates the commissioner on their progress and Aleka requests that he assemble the team at the office. The inspector plans to track Ram and Priya’s phones and also sends a glass for testing fingerprints. Kriti is anxious about the situation and recalls how Ram was angry with Priya before she left in a hurry.

Aleka embraces Yuvraj while Shardul comments that their argument was not significant. Kriti misunderstands the situation and the inspector mentions questioning Yuvraj. Kriti reveals that he is Priya’s former boyfriend and it is crucial to speak with him. The inspector questions if she has ill intentions towards her ex who has become successful, perhaps seeking revenge. Aleka speaks up, emphasizing that Yuvraj is her soon-to-be husband and also clarifies that Ram, her business partner and best friend, has no issues with him. The inspector argues that Aleka could also have a motive for kidnapping Yuvraj. She defends herself, asking why she would do such a thing. He suggests anger, jealousy or doubt as possible reasons. Aleka disagrees and stands up for herself.

Sherdul says Aleka cannot do this. Shreya says she must go home and take care of her family because she is Ram’s sister. The inspector says I need to interrogate you, you won’t go. He asks Shardul to inform Ram’s family. Priya wakes up. She asks Ram to get up. She cries. Ram wakes up. He asks the goons to talk to him, take the money, and leave.


Ram scolds the goons, who faint after hitting their heads.

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